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Schuppenflechte - Selbstheilung ohne Medikamente, Marianne Sebök

128 pages, hb
publication 2017
product no. 18118
weight: 435g
ISBN: 978-3-941706-82-8

available in German language

Schuppenflechte - Selbstheilung ohne Medikamente

Marianne Sebök

Mein Weg zur Heilung einer unheilbaren Krankheit.

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This is the incredible story of a woman who healed herself from an incurable disease. The natural way – without medication  -  on her own, with her own strength and knowledge.

It all started very harmlessly, with barely noticeable red dots on her shins. Although the spots were small, she was still concerned. Marianne Seboek went to a dermatologist, who told her not to worry and said it was merely a harmless skin fungus. He prescribed a cortisone ointment which the author used religiously for a year without success. Although the ointment made the spots paler, they showed no sign of disappearing. On the contrary, they grew larger… and then the disease really broke out.

She consulted another physician, who after a thorough examination told her, “You have psoriasis vulgaris, and there is no cure”.

Marianne Seboek was devastated. She thought the doctor must be mistaken. She had always been healthy, always looked after herself – there was no way it could be true. Not believing the diagnosis, she sought additional opinions and finally came to  the painful realization that she may just have to live with this incurable disease.

She looked and felt awful, shut herself off from everyone and just cried. After days of struggling with itching, pain and self-pity, she decided to take matters into her own hands and tackle the disease by herself. Marianne Seboek wanted her health back and became determined to regain her beautiful complexion.

She changed her life. Eliminated all sweets, chocolate and cookies, drank hardly any coffee, no alcohol and stopped smoking. Instead, she drank freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juice daily, ate lots of salads and raw vegetables.

She really took care of herself. No more stress, no more physical strain. After three months, the itching had disappeared; after six months, her skin was as beautiful as before.

Her story is impressively written and will get under your skin. It will overwhelm you, take your breath away and offer much needed advice to many psoriasis sufferers.

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day

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11 months ago
Hilfreich und ermutigend!
Das Buch ist inhaltlich gut aufgebaut und gibt einen hilfreichen Einblick, wie mit dieser Erkrankung umgegangen werden kann und sollte. Es verfügt auch für Patienten mit Vorwissen über gute Tipps und bestätigt eigene Erfahrungen. read more ...
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Marita L.

3 yearss ago
keine Überschrift
Das Buch ist inspirierend zu lesen und hat ein angenehmes Layout.
Ein Wermutstropfen ist, dass sich ein teil der seiten schon beim dritten Lesen aus dem Einband gelöst hat und nun herumrutscht wenn ich es öffne. Schade. read more ...
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