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Obesity And Health, Sayeed Ahmad

72 pages, pb
publication 2007
product no. 05570
weight: 65g
ISBN: 978-81-7021-624-7

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Obesity And Health

Sayeed Ahmad

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The publisher:

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad, D.I. Horn. (London), is a successful homeopath for many years and at the same time he is devoting his time to writing homeopathic books on important subjects. His following books have already been published by B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, and many more are expected to be published in the near future :

- Diseases of the Mind
- Obesity and Health
- Allergy and its Cure in Homoeopathy
- Modalities of Homoeopathic Medicines
- Angina Pectoris and its Cure in Homoeopathy

The above books have been well received by the readers. Since his childhood Dr. Sayeed Ahmad nurtured ambition to be in die medical profession. He stayed abroad for more than 17 years and he has been awarded Honours with Diploma (D.I. Horn., London) for securing 97% marks by The British Institute of Homoeopathy, England. He has also received a "Letter of Appreciation" from Mr. William Tankard Hahnemann, the great great grandson of the Father of Homoeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

printed in India

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