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Homeopathy for the Major Complaints of Horses - 1 DVD, Tim Couzens

publication 2014
product no. 15877
weight: 80g

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Homeopathy for the Major Complaints of Horses - 1 DVD

Tim Couzens

Veterinary Congress - April 19, 2013 in Badenweiler Germany

Drawing freely on 30 years of experience, the English veterinarian Tim Couzens covers a wide range of topics in this presentation of almost three hours.
In a varied and clear talk he draws his audience into the world of homeopathic treatment for horses.

Along with valuable tips on remedy selection – such as the significance of the first impression of the animal or the use of certain descriptive words by the owner – he describes important remedies for the major illnesses of the horse (equine distemper, laminitis, swamp fever, mud fever, sarcoids, melanomas, exostoses, colic), illustrated with examples of numerous cases. Areas of application for symptomatic, pathological as well as constitutional prescription are described from a practical viewpoint, as is the parallel prescription of constitutional and local remedies.

A special highlight is the lively description of the horse remedy pictures: Pulsatilla, Sepia, Silicea, Natrium muriaticum, Lycopodium, Carcinosinum, Lachesis, Arsenicum album, Phosphorus, Calcium carbonicum, Nux vomica, Sulphur, Platinum, and Palladium.

All in all, a presentation that clearly showcases the wide variety of homeopathic treatments available compared to conventional medicine, which is often powerless in such cases – interesting not just for veterinary practitioners but also for any horse enthusiasts …


• Homeopathy and prescription problems
• Basic consultation
• Different approaches
• Constitutional prescription
• Symptomatic prescription: laminitis / swamp fever / mud fever / sarcoids
• Pathological prescriptions: melanoma / allergic skin disease / neurological illness of the legs / exostoses / colic

The DVDs include the recording of the second Veterinary Congress from April 19th. to April 21st. of 2013 in Badenweiler.

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the Homeopathy for Animals - the second Veterinary Congress

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