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Maurice Fortier-Bernoville

1896 – 1939 MD was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become the Chief editor of L’Homeopathie Moderne, one of the founders of the Laboratoire Homeopathiques Modernes, and the founder of the Institut National Homeopathique Francais.

Bernoville was a major lecturer in homeopathy, and he was active in Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, and a founder of the le Syndicat national des médecins homœopathes français in 1932, and a member of the French Society of Homeopathy, and the Society of Homeopathy in the Rhone.

Bernoville and his colleagues developed many new isopathic remedies.

Bernoville was a student of Leon Vannier, and a colleague of Rene Baudry, Jean and Henri Boiron, Bonnerot, Charles Mondain, Rajkumar Mukerji, Antoine Nebel, Rouy, Jean Paul Tessier, and many others.

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Krebs und Krebssymptome

Homöopathische Behandlung von Krebs Schriftenreihe der Clemens von Bönninghausen-Akademie Band 17
172 pages, pb, product no. 00741
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Diabetes Mellitus

32 pages, booklet, product no. 00056

Therapeutics of the Diseases of Liver & Biliary Duct

102 pages, pb, product no. 00212

Comment guérir par l'homéopathie

Édition commentée et complétée par le Docteur Gérard GUÉNIOT
816 pages, pb, product no. 24629