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Torako Yui

Torako Yui

Born 1953, pioneered the introduction of homeopathy to Japan over 20 years ago.
She began her career as a foreign correspondent for a Japanese TV station, until she fell ill with severe colitis. Her desperate search for a cure brought her to a British homeopath who was able to heal her.
She then decided to become a homeopath and to introduce this healing method to Japan. She founded the College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom), where she has so far trained over 1,000 Japanese homeopaths with great dedication.

Torako Yui is above all a committed practitioner of homeopathy. Her books arise from her extensive clinical experience.
Her enthusiasm is infectious, enabling her to take Japan by storm. She has specialized particularly in the cure of vaccination damage and autism.

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Impfungen - Sinn oder Unsinn?

Impfschäden, ihre Therapie und Vorbeugung
180 pages, hb, product no. 09179
31.90 US$
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HL Series - Your inner child is crying out - Vol 3

Healing the unloved and wounded child by homoeopathy
262 pages, pb, product no. 06366

HL Series - Love! Devote your life to loving others! - Vol 4

224 pages, pb, product no. 06367

HL Series - Vital Elements Homoeopathy Guide Book - Vol 5

24 Tissue Salts + 12 Trace Elements
186 pages, pb, product no. 06865

Homoeopathy in Japan

Homoeopathic Remedies - How They Support You
260 pages, pb, product no. 06866

The Inner Child is Waiting for You - Vol 9

The secret of liberating the Inner Child who has been bound to the concept of value
296 pages, pb, product no. 15868

Torako's Newsletter - Vol 6

380 pages, pb, product no. 15869

The Inner Child is Craving! - Vol 10

All about inner child healing derived from various layers of emotional suppression
260 pages, pb, product no. 15870

Homoeopathy for trauma and disasters

36 remedies to overcome disasters
232 pages, pb, product no. 20669


Safe prevention of childhood diseases and infections diseases with homoeopathy
228 pages, pb, product no. 20670

Herbs and Mother Tinctures

50 Kinds of Herbs, 60 Kinds of Support Tinctures, 40 Case Studies
256 pages, pb, product no. 23093

Pathogens and Inner Child

The origin of pathogens is in Inner Child!
144 pages, pb, product no. 24704

Life is meant for losing!

The practice of Inner Child Healing 8 Lecture notes
176 pages, pb, product no. 24705

The theory and healing practice of Inner Child

Life is meant for losing!
256 pages, product no. 24706