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HL Series - Love! Devote your life to loving others! - Vol 4, Torako Yui

224 pages, pb
publication 2009
product no. 06367
weight: 245g
ISBN: 978-4-86347-008-8

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HL Series - Love! Devote your life to loving others! - Vol 4

Torako Yui

In this fourth volume, of the Homeopathic Life series, Torako Yui reflects on the dynamic of love; giving and receiving. Based on her personal experience, she encourages us to look beyond our desire to be loved and realise that to love and to be loved are two aspects intricately linked and that 'to love others is the same thing as to love oneself'.

Prologue from Author:

I reckon, many of you who are reading this book may be disheartened because you are not loved in spite of always wanting to be loved. Honestly speaking, I wasn't loved very much myself either. Therefore because I wasn't loved, I have constantly been thirsting for love, become agonized and disheartened. In those days, I had assumed that happiness was all about being loved by other people.
However now, having encountered homoeopathy and with all of you, I truly feel that I am very much loved. I am grateful for that because the more I felt loved by you, the more I became able to love you in return. Through this I became aware that true happiness is for me to be able to love other people. The people who taught me this are actually my clients. It is an enormous joy for me to witness, that through homoeopathy, the natural healing power of my clients are brought forth, and then they gradually start displaying what they originally are, whilst also beginning to love themselves and others. By seeing the transformation of my clients, I became awakened and learned.
It is for this reason that I also want you to become able to love others. I fully understand your desire for wanting to be loved, however being loved by others is actually the same thing as to love others. After all, to love others is the same thing as to love your own self.

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