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Tinus Smits

Tinus Smits (1946-2010)

Dr. Tinus Smits has studied homeopathy over 30 years, practicing as a lay homeopath before doing his medical training (at 31 years). He has studied with Jacques Imberechts, Alex Jacques, George Vithoulkas and Alphons Geukens. He finished his medical studies in 1986 and has been teaching for more than 20 years in different countries all over the world.

He always believed that the therapeutic possibilities of homeopathy could be improved by carefull observation and registration of the results of homeopathic treatments. He developed Inspring Homeopathy which treats universal layers able to heal the deep disorders of the suffering mankind.

Vaccinations and their impact on children and adults always had his special attention. He published several books and articles on the matter.

The last three years he developed an effective treatment to heal autistic children, the CEASE therapy.

Since 1995 Tinus is participating in a homeopathic development program in Nepal and goes to Nepal every year for one month. He is president of the Bhaktapur International Homeopathic Clinic. Last year a Homeopathic Health Assistant Course (HHA) has started and will educate 20 HHA's a year in a 4 years course.
On April 1, 2010, Tinus Smits passed away.

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Autism: Beyond Despair/Tinus Smits
Autism: Beyond Despair  by Tinus Smits
Cease Therapy

204 pages, hb, product no. 07849
Excerpt: ContentsCase
24.90 US$
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Inspiring Homeopathy - Final edition/Tinus Smits
Inspiring Homeopathy - Final edition  by Tinus Smits
Treatment of Universal Layers

276 pages, product no. 11560
Excerpt: Leseprobe
44.85 US$
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Das Impfschaden-Syndrom/Tinus Smits
Das Impfschaden-Syndrom  by Tinus Smits
4. Auflage

88 pages, pb, product no. 02301
Excerpt: impfschaden
11.20 US$
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Autismus - Zutiefst verzweifelt/Tinus Smits
Autismus - Zutiefst verzweifelt  by Tinus Smits

205 pages, hb, product no. 12586
Excerpt: Excerpt 1InhaltsverzeichnisFallbericht
30.90 US$
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Das Impfschaden-Syndrom - E-Book/Tinus Smits
Das Impfschaden-Syndrom - E-Book  by Tinus Smits
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88 pages, product no. 13463
Excerpt: Impfschaden
8.40 US$
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Inspirierende Homöopathie/Tinus Smits
Inspirierende Homöopathie  by Tinus Smits

286 pages, hb, product no. 16475
36.90 US$ 44.90 US$
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