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Inspiring Homeopathy - Final edition, Tinus Smits

276 pages,
publication 2013
product no. 11560
weight: 550g
ISBN: 978-90-76189-00-0

Inspiring Homeopathy - Final edition

Tinus Smits

Treatment of Universal Layers

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The publisher:

Inspiring Homeopathy is the final legacy of a brilliant homeopath. In it, Dr. Tinus Smits shares his vision that homeopathy can address the universal human experiences of coming into incarnation from the world of spirit. These "universal layers" include coming into the body; feeling unconditional mother love – or not, feeling abandoned, unworthy and insecure; and staying centered within ourselves while maintaining our oneness with the universe.

The layers also include common issues such as the trauma of abuse, and of the abused who may in turn become an abuser. Each of these seven layers can be resolved by a single remedy; and as one layer resolves, another one often emerges. This makes Inspiring Homeopathy a simple system to heal some of the deepest issues our clients face.

Tinus sheds new light on some classic remedies, such as Rhus tox, which already has the "delusion he will be murdered." In Tinus' system, Rhus tox helps heal every imaginable trauma, from sexual abuse and incest to torture, imprisonment and violence. He also developed a new form of mother's milk – Lac maternum, which expands on the "floating sensation" typical of milks to become the remedy for groundedness.

Inspiring Homeopathy introduces new remedies so useful they may become modern polychrests. Vernix caseosa, made from the waxy substance protecting a newborn's skin, has quickly become a widely used remedy for hypersensitives, for people with porous energetic boundaries, and for practitioners to protect themselves from their clients' energies.

Inspiring Homeopathy is also a frequent component of CEASE therapy, Tinus' brilliant method for reversing autism by systematically detoxifying vaccines, medications and environmental toxins. In this protocol, an Inspiring remedy often alternates with the detox remedies.

Homeopathy in the 21st century is becoming not only a system of medicine to treat pathology, but much more – an energetic support for the transcendent journey of spiritual growth. Inspiring Homeopathy is a powerful expression of that vision.
— Begabati Lennihan, RN, CCH

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Dr Joan Vidal-Jove

1 years ago
Personal Synergic Homeopathic View
A personal view after an extensive and comprehensive career dedicated to Homeopathy. As the title states, this book inspires how to integrate homeopathic knowledge in daily care of patients. read more ...
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