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Autism: Beyond Despair, Tinus Smits

204 pages, hb
publication 2018
product no. 07849
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ISBN: 978-90-76189-28-4

Autism: Beyond Despair

Tinus Smits

Cease Therapy

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An invaluable book for parents of autistic children and those involved in their care. Tinus Smits gives a detailed explanation of the method that has been used with more than three hundred autistic children. Mainly based on isotherapy, Smits' method has brought healing to many and completely cured others.
"In the 9 months of your treatment, our son changed from non verbal to a child that is able to attend a normal school, speaking in full sentences and making contact with everybody. Amazing! The autism team says it's a miracle. Your CEASE therapy is great. Our life has already completely changed. Thanks for all your knowledge." — Mother of Stephan

The publisher:

In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Tinus Smits reveals the step-by-step method which he has used for more than 300 autistic children. In many cases, the parents have declared their children 100% cured; in others, the process is still underway with significant improvement. His therapy is mainly based on Isotherapy, a form of homeopathy which is able to detect the causes of autism in children and which redresses them directly. He has made remarkable discoveries as to why autism is on the increase. This book is highly important for parents with autistic children and for all those who are involved in the care of these children.

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This product: Autism: Beyond Despair by Tinus Smits
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Anke Zimmermann. ND, FCAH

3 yearss ago
Autism: Beyond Despair
This book changed my life and career. I was interested in autism and other developmental disorders from the time I was still in naturopathic college 26 years ago and saw many children like this over the years. I could help most, at least a bit, but not all and had a few spectacular failures. Then I read Tinus's book and it was like all the curtains had been drawn and I finally understood what caused autism and related conditions: Many chemical insults plus inherited predispositions and emotional shocks. The biggest revelation was that vaccines are a main contributing factor in about 70% of cases. I had no idea! Now I know what I'm doing and can help all of these children so much better. The book is a great read, it feels as if Tinus speaks directly to you. It is a ray of hope and inspiration that all parents of children with autism need and that every practitioners will find helpful, and not just for autism but for most chronic diseases too. Read the book, take the CEASE therapy training and help all those poor families affected by autism and related disorders. Order it now, it will change your life, too. read more ...
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Tania Rodriguez-Arias

4 yearss ago
There is hope beyond despair
This a beautiful book to bring hope and understanding to autistic children and their families through CEASE therapy by master teacher Dr. Tinus Smits. read more ...
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