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Fighting fire with fire, Ton Jansen

320 pages, hb
publication 2016
product no. 21850
weight: 910g
ISBN: 978-9-5429-2942-0

Fighting fire with fire

Ton Jansen

Homeopathic detox therapy

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The publisher:

"The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health . . ." - Samuel Hahnemann (1810)

Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for 30 years to achieve quick, gentle and lasting cures for his patients. In this book he explains how to apply his HDT method, allowing us to achieve consistently better results in our practice. Homeopathy must adapt to the changing and increasingly toxic world around us. Ultimately, no-one can argue with clear, clinical results. Our clinical results should speak for themselves, and this is not always the case ...

If you want to genuinely cure your patients, you cannot afford not to read this book.

- Learn to apply systematic remedy courses to prevent
- unnecessary aggravations and achieve quicker results;
- Let go of any fears of high potency prescribing;
- Discover more about organ systems and associated remedies;
- Explore the Materia Medica for over 30 new sarcodes;
- Learn to identify the real root causes
- of today's diseases and how to treat them;
- Develop your case-taking skills using a clearly structured timeline;
- Start to fully understand the impact of pharmaceuticals on human health;
- Learn to integrate advice about nutrition and dietary supplements
- in order to support your homeopathic prescriptions.

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3 yearss ago
A breeze of fresh air.
First and foremost its original work. Innovative, forward looking, inclusive, well thought, scientific, yet precise and readable.

Author avoids extensive theorizing, complex psycho paranormal explanations, para-pyschological adventures and similar modern contemporary dis-service being dubbed as homeopathy.

His vacuum theory although objectionable, is concise and does not take pages upon pages of the book. Bottom line is, we don't know how ultra-ultra dilutions work.

His work i.e.including modern Allopathic, and other contamination of human body and its anti doting is commendable forward thinking. This is only way forward. Otherwise homeopathy will continue to be considered inferior modality.

I wanted to give this book a five star rating. I read through it twice therefore. Here are some suggestions for second addition, which will surely earn it a five star rating.

Better proof reading.

Avoiding Theme portion in materia medica. Themes are theories. Unless proven by cured cases in a precise and concise description they need to be kept out of medical books.

A section on resources: Where to obtain these remedies from.

In summary: A great book, readable, mostly scientific and forward looking approach. Needs further reduction of theorizing portions. Needs better proof reading done. Needs resources section. read more ...
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Dr Joan Vidal-Jove

1 years ago
Contemporary Approach
We are in need of books like this one. Clear concepts based on classical homeopathy and with today’s approaches. The cases selected are very illustrative and much helpful. It is a great help for complex diseases as we all see in our consultations. read more ...
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Van Neste Paul

1 years ago
beautiful but weak and superficial content read more ...
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3 yearss ago
Fighting fire with fire - Homeopathy detox therapy
good service, love the book. read more ...
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