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Organon of Medicine, Samuel Hahnemann

290 pages, pb
product no. 06855
weight: 280g
ISBN: 978-81-319-0223-3

Word index included
printed in India - Indian quality

Organon of Medicine

Samuel Hahnemann

Sixth Edition
Translated by William Boericke, M.D.

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An Indian reprint in a larger format, with footnotes incorporated in the text (in a smaller font) and an additional 15-page word index.

The publisher:

The Organon developed slowly out of Hahnemann's thinking and experimentation. The Organon went through six editions. The sixth edition was ready for print in 1842, but Hahnemann died before it could be printed. Just before the turn of the century, Drs. William Boericke and James William Ward paid $1,000 to purchase Organon from the Boenninghausen family. The sixth edition finally appeared in print in Germany in 1921 and in the United States in 1922.

The Sixth Edition of Organon presently available in the market was typesetted around 80 years back. The modern reader finds it difficult to read and go through the book. For the past few years we have been constantly requested by our beloved readers to redo this treasure in a manner which is consistent with modern books. To make the book user friendly we have refurnished it. The positive changes we made are as follows:

- The size of the book has been increased. Earlier it was 12 cm x 18 cm. Now it is
14 cm x 22 cm
- A new font has been used which is bigger in size and is a pleasure to read
- Footnotes which were earlier given at the bottom were difficult to find and read.
In this new book, we have incorporated them in the main text at the intended places in
brackets but in smaller fonts. This makes the reading and understanding of Organon
easy and effortless
- Lastly but very importantly a word index of 15 pages has been added by Dr. S.S. Paul at the end of the book which makes it very easy to find the required portion of the text

We hope this new upgraded 6tb Edition of Organon will make the task of students and readers much more easier and interesting.

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