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Angry and violent: the case of a destructive young girl
Editorial: welcoming diversity
Icy fingers in my brain; a case of Camphora
A big shock, a big boom, like a gasp of air; a case of Glonoine
A hot fluid stifling the joints; a case of Benzinum nitricum
They burn metal to get more fire; a case of Petroleum
Journey to the light: the Kinesthetic Resonance Method
I'm bored and ignored: a case of Cubeba officinalis
Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2013
Christa Gründling: Real-Life Effects of Classical Homeopathy in the Treatment of Allergies | Andreas Richter: Intolerance | Alize Timmerman: Overreaction at all Levels | Marguerite Pelt: Sensitive to Anything Foreign | Heiner Frei: Hay Fever and Polarity Analysis | Barbara Warneke: Dangerous Inheritances | Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner : Nervous Skin | Vladimir Petroci | Markus Kuntosch: Anaphylaxis and Eczema | Renate Paschmanns: Shock Reactions | Marco Riefer: Bitter Childhood | Maarten van der Meer: Stress as Trigger | Ose Hein: Anger and Sensitivity | Anne Schadde: High-Tension Living | Ulrich Welte: Histamine and Allergy
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Canada goose proving: be simple, direct and to the point
Fear of sticking my neck out: a case of snapping turtle egg
A trauma remedy
By Marijke Creveld Ph.D.
Surviving with help of Diospyros kaki Creveld, The World Tree
The Kaki-tree in Nagasaki stands for the end of the 2nd World War, the end of the destruction, domination, rape, fleeing and death. The tree signifies survival and the beginning of hope.
The remedy enhances the eliminatory processes of the body. Diospk-c is indicated in cases of psychological and physical problems caused by a trauma as a result of war or a fire, problems resulting from radiotherapy and poisoning with chemicals. The remedy enhances the detoxification. It has a positive influence on the skin, like diminishing the itch in the cases of burns. Also in cases with problems in the region of ears, nose and throat, asthmatic problems and multiple sclerosis, this remedy has proved it's self.
A dream proving of Petroleum
Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2013
Deirdre Holmes: The Ultimate Challenge / Ulrich Welte: Chain Reactions / Patricia Le Roux: Way Ahead / Hans Eberle/Friedrich Ritzer: Thrown Back On One's Recources / Andreas Richter: Intuition And Blockage / Didier Lustig: Signature Of The Planets / Dinesh Chauhan: Everything's Broken / Sujit Chatterjee: Actinides And Cancer / Martin Jakob: Help And Advice In The Face Of Chaos / Chantal Chemla-Boucara: Gateway To Hell / Karim Adal: Imprinted With Death In The Womb / Deborah Collins: Relief
Sucked into a vortex; a case of Bromoethane
Editorial: the Hydrocarbons - as unnoticed as plastic
Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 02/2012
Beat Spring: Illness as chance / Christoph Schubert: Burning out / Jonathan Hardy: Step into life / Ana Lamaro: Fear of destruction / Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman: Fear of falling / Deborah Collins: Golden boy crash / Peter Tumminello: Normal joy / Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner: The psychodynamics of burnout / M. Mangialavori / D. Collins: On the ropes / Willi Neuhold: Life's obstacle course / William Suerinck: Mr. Nice - the man without roots / M. van Zweeden and A. Leupen: System reboot / Jürgen Hansel: Nothing more doing / Franz Swoboda: Friends going down in flames / Rosina Sonnenschmidt: At death's door
An overlooked jewel: abstract of the results of a Polish study on high dilutions
The dark mother: a case of Thulium muriaticum
Product 141 to 160 (of 382)
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