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Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2014
Manfred Mueller: Is Homeopathy An Effective Cancer Treatment? / Declan Hammond: Healing And Transformation / Guy Payen: Cancer, The Last Clue To The Simillimum / A. U. Ramakrishnan: The Plussing Method / Jens Wurster: What Needs A Healing? / Sunirmal Sarkar: Empirical Fragments / Jean-Thierry Cambonie: The Power Of Snakes / Dietmar Payrhuber: Elements Of Cancer Treatment / Dinesh Chauhan: Under The Spell Of Pathology / Anne Schadde: A New Lease On Life / Jeremy Sherr: Protection From The Light Of God / Jean-Lionel Bagot: Palliative Homeopathy / Sujit Chatterjee: Searching For Answers
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Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2013
Christa Gründling: Real-Life Effects of Classical Homeopathy in the Treatment of Allergies | Andreas Richter: Intolerance | Alize Timmerman: Overreaction at all Levels | Marguerite Pelt: Sensitive to Anything Foreign | Heiner Frei: Hay Fever and Polarity Analysis | Barbara Warneke: Dangerous Inheritances | Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner : Nervous Skin | Vladimir Petroci | Markus Kuntosch: Anaphylaxis and Eczema | Renate Paschmanns: Shock Reactions | Marco Riefer: Bitter Childhood | Maarten van der Meer: Stress as Trigger | Ose Hein: Anger and Sensitivity | Anne Schadde: High-Tension Living | Ulrich Welte: Histamine and Allergy
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Catherine R. Coulter obituary
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Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2015
Anna Koller-Wilmking: From Alumina silicata to tuberculinum/ Heiner Frei: Objective criteria/ Sunil Anand: When the simile does not help/ Friedrich Paul Graf: Childhood illnesses of our time/ Sigrid Lindemann: Escaping the confines/ Andreas Richter: No connection/ Bettina Baltacis: Trisomy 21 and behavioral disturbances/ Resie Moonen: Uncontrolled and independent/ Wyka Evelyn Feige: Beside themselves with annoyance/ Deborah Collins: Carrying the burdens of the family's past/ Paresh Vasani and Sneha Vyas: Aggressive dominance/ Renate Paschmanns: Screaming, hitting, biting/ Heinz Wittwer: Attack from below/ Jürgen Weiland: Another child/ Michal Yakir: Always in the limelight
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Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 02/2012
Beat Spring: Illness as chance / Christoph Schubert: Burning out / Jonathan Hardy: Step into life / Ana Lamaro: Fear of destruction / Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman: Fear of falling / Deborah Collins: Golden boy crash / Peter Tumminello: Normal joy / Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner: The psychodynamics of burnout / M. Mangialavori / D. Collins: On the ropes / Willi Neuhold: Life's obstacle course / William Suerinck: Mr. Nice - the man without roots / M. van Zweeden and A. Leupen: System reboot / Jürgen Hansel: Nothing more doing / Franz Swoboda: Friends going down in flames / Rosina Sonnenschmidt: At death's door

Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2017
Jürgen Hansel: Disappointed, upset, deeply hurt / Urvi Chauhan: At peace with oneself / Artur Wölfel: I can’t function / Tali Levi: The blockage starts in the head / Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger: I’m a piece of dirt / Massimo Mangialavori: I won’t give anything away / Franz Swoboda: The woman whose hands i didn’t save / Heinz Wittwer: Overprotected and constrained / Anton Kramer and Jan Scholten: The barricaded heart and female autonomy / Christina Ari: The female complaint rheumatism / S. Chidambaranathan: Stopped in its tracks / Reinhard Flick: Get moving! / Peter Gregory: Limping dogs

Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2020
Jörg Wichmann: Big, brown, and not very poisonous / Jonathan Hardy: A web of lies / Nancy Herrick: I love Spider-Man! / Massimo Mangialavori: Caught in repetition compulsion / Olga Fatula: The tightrope walker / Jane Cicchetti: Well connected / Bhawish Joshi: A childish workaholic / Deborah Collins: Family hell / Andreas Richter: It runs in the family / Wim Roukema: Murderous fantasies / Pratik Desai: The seeds of violence / Bronwyn Marks: Latrodectus hasselti, an acute case / Jürgen Hansel: Homeopathy in the time of Covid-19
Attacked by ghosts
Hydrogen: a sixty four year old man with convulsions
Plutonium nitricum: he has lost his inner light
Out of breath and fear of falling after an accident
Learning from stones: an Amethyst case
Arran, the bird-dog
Three cases of HIV/AIDS: Felician, Esther, and Mary
Prescribing combination mineral remedies; a case of Natrum iodatum
Europium oxydatum: ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis
Phalaenopsis gigantea: the Hahnemannian proving of Elephant ear orchid
Praseodymium fluoratum: my classmates think I am evil
Bird remedies; bridging both worlds
Uranium nitricum: recurrent tonsilitis
Product 1 to 20 (of 383)
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