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How can I read Narayana ebooks?
Narayana ebooks are protected by Adobe DRM and can be read on many devices:

On PC with Adobe Digital Editions
On MAC with Adobe Digital Editions
On Ipad und Iphone with Bluefire
On Android-mobiles with Bluefire
On many ebook-readers, here you can find a list of all supported ebook readers (unfortunately Kindle is not supported)
On Linux with the Windows Emulation WINE and Adobe Digital Editions

Installing instructions and tips fot the different ebook formats you can find here:
Installation and reading of ebooks

In which formats ebooks are available?
We offer our eBooks in PDF for Adobe Digital Editions and Epub, although not all books are available in both formats.

PDF for Adobe Digital Editions: a PDF eBook is similiar in appearance to the printed book and is best suited for use on larger screens like tablets or laptops. On smart phones and other devices with smaller screens, the PDF format is harder to read than the Epub format.
Epub: this format is suitable for all devices. The font size can be changed and the layout will be adjusted to the screen in use.

How do I download an eBook?
Once you have placed your order, you get a mail with the download link. As a registered user you can find the download link of all eBooks you have bought in your customer library.

Do your eBooks have copy protection?
Yes, our eBooks support the common standard DRM from ADOBE and VitalSource in order to prevent illegal copying. Of course, you can use your eBooks on your devices without any restrictions and download additional copies for personal use within 24 months.

Do you also provide eBooks for the AMAZON Kindle?
Yes, there are Narayana eBooks for the AMAZON Kindle. However, they are only distributed by AMAZON.

Do you also provide eBooks for Windows Phone 7?
At the moment there are only a few eReaders for Windows Phone 7 and none of them supports DRM. Once this has changed, we will also add Windows Phone 7 compatible eBooks to our range of products.

Can I return an eBook if I have selected the wrong format?
I am afraid we are unable to provide this service. Please make sure to choose the right format which can be read on your device when selecting and purchasing your eBook.

Can I buy an eBook as a present for someone else?
An e-book is registered with the first person who installs the e-book, that is you can give away an e-book by passing on the download link to the person you want to give the book to, instead of clicking on the link yourself.

Where do I get support if there are any questions on the installation of eBooks?
Our order hotline is pleased to support you in case of any problems with the installation or use of our eBooks.