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install and read Ebooks

Follow the instruction below to install Adobe Digital Editions. Login to Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe-Account.

Installation instruction for PC and Mac for new customers on first use

1) install Adobe Digital Editions

To read your Ebooks you need the application called Adobe Digital Editions. The application is for free use.

Open the following link to download and install the application: http://www.adobe.com/de/products/digital-editions/download.html

The Adobe installation wizard guides you step by step through the installation.

2) Adobe Digital Editions installation ready

After a successful installation of Adobe Digital Editions the application starts.

3) prepare Adobe Digital Editions

In your order e-mail you find a link to download your Ebook. Please click on this link.
Open the Ebook with Adobe Digital Editions.

4) sign up to Adobe (1)

The wizard for configure your Adobe Digital Editions is now on your screen. You probably have no Adobe Account. Click on the following link to subscribe to Adobe

5) sign up to Adobe (2)

Fill the form and create an account.
Your Ebooks will be linked with this e-mail address.

The following screen shows you the successful registration:

6) link Adobe Digital Editions with your e-mail address

Fill your e-mail address and password.

7) Finish!

The installation and configuration is ready. You can now download your Ebook again, and read it.