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The Lacs - A Materia Medica & Repertory, Patricia Hatherly

700 pages, hb
publication 2010
product no. 09654
weight: 1320g
ISBN: 978-0-9752-0321-7

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The Lacs - A Materia Medica & Repertory

Patricia Hatherly

82.90 US$

A comprehensive 700-page guide to 20 milk remedies which have published provings, written by a homeopath and lactation consultant. This illustrated book includes visual presentations of key themes, practical clinical experience, remedy differentiation and detailed symptoms, along with a full bibliography.

The publisher:

This illustrated book of 700 pages covers the complete materia medica of the 20 Lacs which have published provings. The material is set out synoptically in a mind-map presentation with rubrics in Generalities; Mind and Dreams grouped thematically for ease of understanding of the main concepts. The text is interspersed with personal commentary from Patricia's experience both as a homoeopath as well as a lactation consultant, and this serves to embellish certain aspects of the material from a Doctrine of Signatures perspective as well as flag differential markers.
Each materia medica chapter has a comprehensive bibliography as well as a list of remedies to be considered in differential diagnosis. Additionally, a comprehensive repertory of all the rubrics from both published provings as well as cases, serves to make this THE book you will reach for when a Lac is being considered.

"I have been looking forward to a book which would cover all the existing info of the Lacs; a most deep acting group of the animal remedies. One of the few people in the world who would have the competence, knowledge and drive to do this is Patricia and she did it - so thank you very much, Patricia."
Kees Dam

"In the production of this collection of Lacs, Patricia has gone back to the source material in Animal Mind, Human Voices and other Lac provings and her attention to detail is impressive."
Nancy Herrick

"This work is the most comprehensive opus on the Lacs. The book will not only help all those doing research on the Lacs, but will help finding the right remedy for a patient when a Lac is being considered, a much easier task. It is a work which I wholeheartedly recommend.
Roger van Zandvoort

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