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Svetlana Pavlova

Svetlana Pavlova Heywood Jones born 1966
She is a native Bulgarian living in Ireland for 20 years. She  studied sociology in UNWE  Sofia  and  European studies in RWTH Aachen, Germany.
After a career in health insurance she became conscious of the huge costs of providing conventional medical health care vs. the cost effective holistic alternatives.
Through her personal  search for healing she found her way to homeopathy and graduated with  the Irish School of Homeopathy in Dublin in 2015.
Having  mentored  colleagues and friends  she always felt that Homeopathy  should be widely known, made easy and actively used in our lives.
Her underlying ambition is to be part of a grassroot  movement using  the homeopathic thinking to introduce a new patterns in our minds and  relieve the challenges of daily life.

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Reach for a Remedy

Homeopathic Home Prescribing for First Aid and Minor Ailments
213 pages, hb, product no. 23769
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Schnelle Hilfe mit Homöopathie

Homöopathische Hausapotheke für Erste Hilfe und häufige Beschwerden
232 pages, pb, product no. 23647
18.30 US$
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