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Shachindra Joshi

Bhawisha & Shachindra Joshi

These Indian doctors, a married couple, have been running a homeopathic practice in Mumbai for eight years. Patients come to visit them from many countries, including England, Germany, Australia, America, Israel, Spain, and Italy.

They have offered homeopathic training for doctors and founded “A BETTER YOU,“ a program designed to improve energy and quality of life. They are co-founders and sit on the board of the “School of Classical Homeopathy” in Mumbai.

From 1996-1999, they did voluntary medical work for Mother Teresa, working with the dying and poor in Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

Their talks and seminars are very popular thanks to their simplicity, clarity, and the enthusiasm with which they are delivered.

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Plant Theory by Jan Scholten & Joshis´ Animal MAP
288 pages, pb, product no. 23917
55.00 US$
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Nosoden und Naturkräfte in der Homöopathie

Die wichtigsten Nosoden und Imponderabilien wie Magnetismus, Sonnenlicht, Elektrizität, Mondstrahlen und Schwarzes Loch
296 pages, hb, product no. 13375
51.90 US$
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Quick Book - Minerale und Tiere

88 pages, pb, product no. 20120
38.00 US$
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Nosodes & Imponderables Come Alive

336 pages, hb, product no. 10736

Quick book of Minerals & Animals

80 pages, pb, product no. 14993

Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

544 pages, pb, product no. 21240

The System of MAP and Birds in Homeopathy

640 pages, pb, product no. 27761