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Proving - Kunzea Ericoides, Nuala Eising

150 pages, pb
publication 2015
product no. 19750
weight: 210g
ISBN: 978-9-0761-8950-5

Proving - Kunzea Ericoides

Nuala Eising

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The Publisher:

The elusive Kanuka comes into plain sight through this proving. The transparency of Nuala's reflections on the substance and the provers' renderings evoke a clear essence.

Kanuka may belie Nuala's concern for the generations of time it will take to heal our ancestral afflictions. One prover says, "Injuries heal quickly- the beauty of this remedy." To "disconnect and distance" ourselves from the past may be a viable strategy in not repeating the mistakes of our ancestors. To end "outdated relationship" with what moves us further along "the road of extinction," may serve humanity better than reviewing the past for the sake of a better future. However, that threshold of healing is joyless and duty bound according to Kanuka. To be "disliked, solitary, excluded and alien" is the unfortunate taint of someone steeped in "a complexity of feeling."

"Surviving winter" in the context of Kanuka feels dark as the aftermath of nuclear disaster. Why live? is the desperation of a substance that survives where other species cannot, and where our human species finds the substance so useless as to doze it for the sake of "progress."

Truly, Kanuka is a remedy for our times, and paradoxical to its wound, will be profoundly useful. Thank you, Nuala.

Jessica Jackson, Edmonton Homeopathy, Canada.

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