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Notes, Session  1 - 6, Massimo Mangialavori

996 pages, pb
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Notes, Session 1 - 6

Massimo Mangialavori

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Set of the seminar series Notes 1-6 with beautiful cases on often unknown remedies. Single volumes are also available.

Notes, Session 1 - Remaining in a Safe Environment

An excerpt from Table of Contents:

Spongia Tosta
Homarus Gammarus
Venus Mercenaria
The Halogen Salts
Aqua Marina
Ambra Grisea
Sepia Succus

Notes, Session 2 - Unreliable Basic Support

An excerpt from Table of Contents:

Case Taking
Case Analysis
Case 1 - Equisetum hyemale
Case 2 - Bambusa arundinacea
Fundamental themes of Magnesium salts
The Carbons
Extractions where four Carbons appear
Themes of the Silica-like

Notes, Session 3 - Knowledge, seduction and Forsakenness

An excerpt from Table of Contents:

Borthrops lanceolatus
Vipera Berus
What is a reptile and what is a snake?
Zincum valerianicum
Tyrannos rex
The Muriaticums
Amphisbaena vermicularis

Notes, Session 4 - Identifying with Society

An excerpt from Table of Contents:

Kali carbonicum
Kali bromatum
Kali phosphoricum
Kali picricum
Ammonium valerianicum
Ammonium sulphuricum
Case Taking

Notes, Session 5 - Identity and Individualism

An excerpt from Table of Contents:

Concepts & Themes of Parasites
Cimes lectularius
Doryphora decemlineata
Coccinella septempunctata
Lac delphinium
Milk Themes

Notes Session 6 - Precious and base metals

An excerpt from Table of Contents:

Aurum sulphuricum
Aurum muriaticum natronatum
Aurum arsenicosum
Argentum muriaticum
Ferrum iodatum
Ferrum arsenicosum
Ferrum phosphoricum
Ferrum sulphuricum
Ferrum muriaticum
Ferrum metallicum
Ferrum valerianicum
Ferrum silicatum
Ferrum nitricum
Mercurius iodatum flavus
Mercurius corrosives
Mercurius Characteristics
Stannum iodatum
Cuprum arsenicosum
Cuprum metallicum
Cuprum sulphuricum
Plumbum chromicum
Plumbum metallicum
Failures of the Seven Metals

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