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Linlee Jordan

Linlee Jordan (born in 1955) has a background as a Registered Nurse and completed a Masters Degree in Health Science Education through Sydney University. She first studied homeopathy and nutrition at the well respected Nature Care College, where she later held the position of Head of Homeopathy Faculty for 10 years. Her experience as a homeopath spans 20 years practicing at The Harbord Homeopathic Clinic based on the Northern Beaches. There are now 8 Homeopaths at the clinic with many strong collaborations achieving results in research, HPT trials, student supervision, writing, and seminars. Encompassing these efforts, Linlee is director of The Aurum Project for Australian homeopathic medicine research into childhood health and behavioural problems.

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Challenging Children

Success with Homeopathy
220 pages, pb, product no. 12633
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Schwierige Kinder - Behandlungserfolge mit Homöopathie

220 pages, hb, product no. 10963
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