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Manuel Mateu i Ratera

Dr Manuel Mateu-Ratera, born in 1951, is an internist and specialist in homeopathy. He is a member of the homeopathy faculty in London, led the Barcelona medical academy of homeopathy (AMHB) and teaches the “Masters in Homeopathy” (University of Barcelona and AMHB).
Manuel Mateu trained with Dr Pietro Bassi in Courmayeur (Italy) in emergency medicine and first aid. He accompanied the first Catalonian expedition to Mount Everest in 1982. Following this experience, he has advised many high-altitude expeditions and also helped develop first-aid kits with both homeopathic and allopathic medication.
His clinical experience in allopathic medicine and his broad knowledge in classical homeopathy together with his good grasp of the repertory are what makes Manuel Mateu especially stand out. With his support for the Spanish editions of the works of Sankaran and Scholten, he has made a key contribution to introducing these two innovative authors to Spanish readers in Catalonia, Spain, and elsewhere. This groundbreaking book reflects his lively mind and his desire to integrate new approaches, as witnessed in his practice and teaching – activities that he pursues with great passion and vigor. He is enthused with the true passion of the mountain climber, even when going about his everyday tasks.
Although he is an intrepid adventurer, Manuel Mateu's work is nevertheless meticulously accurate. This book is such an example: a wide-ranging and profound work about first aid, in which he combines homeopathy and acupuncture with conventional medicine, incorporating the best of the individual strands of medicine. The Spanish and German editions of this book have already established themselves as standard works, and we expect this new English translation to follow suit.

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First Aid with Homeopathy

The ultimate medical guide for travelers and athletes, also covering work-related accidents and major disasters
960 pages, hb, product no. 14413
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Primeros Auxilios con Homeopatía

Guía médica para viajeros, deportistas, accidentes laborales y grandes catástrofes
1000 pages, hb, product no. 11905
35.90 US$
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Erste Hilfe durch Homöopathie

Einer der umfassendsten homöopathischen Ratgeber für Praxis, Reise und Freizeit
640 pages, hb, product no. 24872
38.90 US$
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