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Joe Rozencwajg

Joe Rozencwajg (born in 1951)

He graduated from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. Then he went into General Surgery, in Israel and Belgium; after that he followed up with Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. After a course of Acupuncture at the ABMA he studied Homeopathy in different schools at the same time.
After a four years stint in South Africa during which he taught Medical Diagnostics at the Faculty of Chiropractic and Homeopathy in Durban, he returned to Israel where he worked for seven years for the National Health Service.
By now, J. Rozencwajg has his Doctorate in Medicine, a Doctorate in Naturopathy, a PhD in Homeopathy and a PhD in Natural Medicine, a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine, and a Doctorate in Osteopathy (Drugless). He recently graduated as an Instructor in Tai Chi for Health and received the post of Professor of Natural Medicine at Calamus International University and am Director of Clinical Studies at the School of Gemmotherapy, UK.

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The Potency

Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy
164 pages, hb, product no. 07484
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Dynamic Gemmotherapy

Integrative Embryonic Phytotherapy
374 pages, hb, product no. 16478
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Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration DSSI - E-Book

The Ikebana of Manual Medicine - A Neurophysiological and Biological approach to Manual Medicine
128 pages, hb, product no. 13097
22.00 US$
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Organotherapy, Drainage & Detoxification

A starting point to safe practice for Homeopaths, Herbalists, Naturopaths, Traditional Healers and enlightened Medical Doctors
284 pages, hb, product no. 09753