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Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach - Volume I & II, Farokh J. Master

920 pages, hb
publication 2019
product no. 25212
weight: 1500g
ISBN: 978-8-13196122-3

Printed in India - Indian quality

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Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach - Volume I & II

Farokh J. Master

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The publisher:

The global medical fraternity has been exploring various alternative approaches to cancer treatment. However, this exceptional book, “Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach” by Dr Farokh J Master, does not endorse a focused methodology, but it paves the way to a holistic homoeopath’s approach.

For the last 40 years, the author has been utilising this approach which is in line with the Master Hahnemann’s teachings, where he gives importance to constitution, miasms, susceptibility, and most important palliation.

It is a complete handbook, a ready reference providing authentic information on every aspect of malignant diseases. It covers the cancer related topics beginning from cancer archetype, clinical information on diagnosis, prevention, conventional treatment, homoeopathic aspects, therapeutics, polycrest remedies, rare remedies, Indian remedies, wisdom from the repertory, naturopathic and dietary suggestions, Iscador therapy, and social aspects of cancer to the latest researches in the field of cancer. Given the efforts put in by the author in writing this vast book, encompassing decades of clinical experience, this is indeed a valuable addition to the homoeopathic literature.

In addition to homoeopaths, this book will indeed be useful for medical doctors of other modalities of therapeutics who also wish to explore a holistic approach to cancer patients since this book is the outcome of author’s successful efforts in introducing and integrating homoeopathy to the mainstream cancer treatment.

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1 years ago
Book comprises of two Volumes. I will make comments of on each volume separately.

Volume One: Unfortunately Dr. Master made the same mistake, many other homeopaths generally make while writing about cancer. They take a journey into a territory, whose mastery they don't have i.e explanation of pathology, biology, and conventional treatment of cancer. This misguided journey leads them away from their area of expertise i.e. homeopathic treatment of cancer. First volume is compilation of poorly written facts from conventional medicine texts. Dr. Master did a very poor job at the best.

Volume two: I am assuming this diversion of attention (resulting from compilation of first volume) resulted in him not truly doing justice to the second volume, which was supposed to be his area of expertise i.e homeopathy. Book is written in a haphazard fashion and lacks flow. Materia Medica portion has redundant information that is impractical to use. Seems more like a fairy tail than a medical text. Remedy differentiation in a particular cancer type is lacking.

Then toward the end of the book he presents 22 cases, in a confused and piecemeal fashion. According to his own account majority of presented cases did not do very well under his treatment.

Herbal and Iscador treatment portions are written very poorly. Presentation is non-scientific, lacks effectiveness. This is not a book I will consult should a cancer patient shows up in my office.

In summary, first volume of the book is a worthless effort. Second volume has very little original information. Its presentation is haphazard, confused, inadequate, and at time redundant. Apparently his way of homeopathic treatment has generated poor results as evidenced by 22 cases he himself presented. My advice to Dr. Master is, in future editions don't waste your and readers' time on volume one. Stay focused on second volume content. Write scientifically, and if you don't know how to do that, get the help of a co-author like Ramakrishnan did, who has higher level of literary prowess. When you describe a remedy, don't go into fairy tail story telling mode. I as reader want to know, differentiating key notes between the remedies for cancer. And don't contaminate your work with herbal treatments and Iscador, if you don't have authoritative command of the subject.

My advice to readers, don't waste your time and money on this book. It will teach you nothing new, and might even mislead you. Remember, by the time cancer is diagnosed, the life's clock starts ticking. Using a method, in whose defense author presents 22 poorly written cases, majority of those 22 showing dismal survival,is not the method you want to learn.
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