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Flowering Plants, Annette Sneevliet

356 pages, hb
publication 2021
product no. 24775
weight: 940g
ISBN: 978-3-95582-222-4

Flowering Plants

Annette Sneevliet

A practical guide for homeopaths.
Explaining human & sensation level.

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The renowned homeopath Dr Annette Sneevliet uses a multi-faceted method to find deeply similar remedies for her patients. The seven levels of experience are at the heart of her approach. The simillimum should fit at all levels for optimum results. The book focuses on plant remedies according to Michal Yakir’s evolutionary plant table and Mahesh Gandhi’s Personal Evolution Mapping in all kingdoms. Her numerous case studies are meticulously documented and show how one finds the underlying sensation.

“This book is Annette’s present for homeopathy, as well as her exemplary and endearing presence during a consultation. The text brings clarity and an overview of the current systematics in homeopathy, combining all essential present views. This basic knowledge will support homeopaths worldwide and enable them to be in a state of ‘not-knowing’ during a consultation, a state essential for true presence and healing.”
– Marguerite Pelt

“It is an excellent guide to help homeopaths arrive at a simillimum in plant cases. Her approach is simple, clear, precise and holistic. Her prescriptions are grounded, and she does not get carried away by ideas… This integrative framework can be an effective tool to aid our understanding in cases that we are not able to solve.”
– Mahesh Gandhi

“Your work is much appreciated”
– Rajan Sankaran


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4 months ago
Ein Muss für jeden ernsthaften Homöopathen
ich liebe dieses Buch, es gibt mir eine sehr exakte und nachvollziehbare Übersicht der verschiedenen Subklassen und Themen innerhalb der Entwicklungsmethode von Dr. Mahesh Gandhi und Dr. Michal Yakir und mit den dazugehörigen Empfindungen aller Pflanzenfamilien nach Sankaran. Dann kommt noch die praktische Umsetzung als Sahnehäubchen dazu mit all den zahlreichen Fällen die kurz und bündig illustrieren wie es in der Praxis umgesetzt werden kann. Für mich ein wirkliche Empfehlung für jeden Homöopath der den Wunsch hat, seine Homöopathie zu einer höheren Meisterschaft zu machen und beginnt mit systematischen und ganzheitlichen Werkzeugen zu arbeiten. read more ...
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Dr Joan Vidal-Jove

3 months ago
Plants in Sensation Model
Excellent book and very exciting to read, review and study. A must have to understand the case method. read more ...
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karen gorney

2 months ago
Flowering Plants
Annette Sneevliet

Excellent practica; description with cases of Yakir's Plant System!
Karen Gorney
read more ...
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