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Ernest Albert Farrington

Ernest Albert Farrington
was born in Williamsburg, New York. In 1866 he began his homeopathic studies in Pennsylvania.
He became professor of materia medica at the Hahnemann Medical College in 1874, replacing the previous incumbent, Guernsey.

Farrington loved the materia medica. He met daily with “Papa” Hering, who is said to have remarked: “If one day I'm no longer around, then Farrington must complete my materia medica.”

He had the ability to bring out the specific effects of a remedy and to demonstrate the deep coherence of the symptoms. He was particularly interested in the family themes of the materia medica and the relationships between the individual remedies.

Farrington died at the age of 38.

Main works:
- Clinical Materia Medica
- Comparative Materia Medica
- Lesser Writings With Therapeutic Hints
- Materia Medica Clinica
- Therapeutic Pointers

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Meister der klassischen Homöopathie. Klinische Materia Medica

Vorlesungen zur Arzneimittellehre
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