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Clinical Focus Guide, Louis Klein

262 pages, pb
product no. 00385
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ISBN: 978-0-9731843-1-0

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Clinical Focus Guide

Louis Klein

to Homeopathic Remedies

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A total of 27 interesting remedies are described here so vividly and freshly that they feel like a series of accurate character sketches of people. This helps us to recognize them easily in our daily practice. Newly proved remedies such as Hydrogen, Neon, Earthworm, and Coriander are included, but there are also old favorites such as Bryonia, Graphite, and Carbolic acid, which appear in a modern and fresh light. Using his extensive experience, the author looked through the raw material of the proving symptoms and gives it a sharper focus.
This “clinical focus” is a tried and tested method of reaching the core of a remedy. The author compares his best clinical cases of a remedy, so differentiating the proving symptoms that express the idea of the remedy from those that are attributable to the prover rather than to the remedy.
Completely new remedies such as Helodrilus caliginosus (Earthworm) and Loxosceles reclusa (Brown recluse spider) were first proved by Louis Klein and then first used by him therapeutically. He also looks at these remedies using the same method of clinical focus and and describes them here in an easily comprehensible way, as if they were well-known remedies.

Personal experience of the Kandern practice group: We have since had two good Aranea cases, in which we chose the remedy according to the criteria discussed here. In both cases, the effect was deeper than what we had previously seen for these remedies when we prescribed them purely on the basis of the old proving symptoms.

“Lou’s homeopathic prescriptions are incomparably deep and subtle, and his knowledge of the remedies is profound; every homeopath ought to read this book.” Jan Scholten

From the Table of Contents: Absinthium Alcoholus Aranea Ixobola Argentum Sulphuratum Bryonia Alba Carbolic Acid Cenchris Contortix Chocolate Cinnabaris Coriandrum Sativum Crotalus Cascavella
Graphites Helodrilus Caliginosus Hydrogen
Lecethin- to Viola in India

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Great reading
Very practical information, very comprehensive, highly recommend. read more ...
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