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L.M. Khan

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Wisdom of Sarcodes / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Wisdom of Sarcodes 

Minimum Syndrome of Maximum Value
Printed in India.
44 pages, booklet, product no. 05948

  2.90 US$
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Curse of Civilization: Allergy / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Curse of Civilization: Allergy 

Printed in India - Indian quality
36 pages, booklet, product no. 05947

  2.90 US$
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Ignatia in Cancer / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Ignatia in Cancer 

Printed in India - Indian quality
Currently not availbale
32 pages, booklet, product no. 05949

Wisdom of Imponderabilia X - Ray / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Wisdom of Imponderabilia X - Ray 

Printed inIndia.
20 pages, booklet, product no. 05950

  1.50 US$
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Thuja occidentalis / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Thuja occidentalis 

Printed in India - Indian quality
66 pages, pb, product no. 01165

Reading excerpt 1
Reading excerpt 2
2.70 US$
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Pleasure of prescribing / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Pleasure of prescribing 

Printed in India - Indian quality
188 pages, pb, product no. 01166

Reading excerpt 1
Reading excerpt 2
9.00 US$
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A Treatise on Homoeopathic Pharmacy / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

A Treatise on Homoeopathic Pharmacy 

Printed in India - Indian quality
198 pages, pb, product no. 05945

  6.30 US$
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Prognosis- Kent's Observations Illustrated / L.M. Khan

L.M. Khan

Prognosis- Kent's Observations Illustrated 

Out of print.
88 pages, product no. 05946

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