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Farbkreis Christa Gebhardt and Jürgen Hansel

The whole spectrum
There have been many advances in the homeopathic field in recent decades – from the use of modern software, expanding and systematizing our materia medica, to the discovery of new methodology principles. It is Narayana Verlag’s wish to work hand in hand with these developments in a specific way.  We know from experience that the future of our tradition-rich healing method lies in the active integration of a range of trends within homeopathy. Because of this, we, as specialist publishers, want to produce a modern and open-minded journal to help contribute to this synthesis. The name “Spectrum of Homeopathy” beautifully illustrates our aim of presenting the rich diversity present in homeopathy; from Hahnemann to Scholten, from Boenninghausen to Sankaran.
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Diversity, knowledge, experience and renowned authors
Three key aspects underpin our new journal: thorough clinical experience, succinct materia medica knowledge, and a diversity of methods built on the foundations of classical homeopathy.  Worlwide renowned homeopaths have welcomed our journal project and offered to contribute to the successful launch of the first issue, in Fall 2009, with the title “Childhood and Psyche.”  Volume One will feature contributions from Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Massimo Mangialavori, Louis Klein, Anne Schadde, Frans Kusse, Patricia Le Roux, Ulrich Welte, Amy Rothenberg, Christoph Schubert, Andreas Richter, Jürgen Hansel, and Jürgen Weiland, on the themes of autism, ADHD, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

Christa Gebhardt and Jürgen Hansel

Editorial team
We have two distinguished chief editors, who will ensure editorial quality and act as technical advisors: the journalist Christa Gebhardt and the homeopath Dr. Juergen Hansel. Through this new journal, we are delighted to foster fruitful co-operation between experienced and creative homeopaths throughout Europe, Canada, the USA and India.  We will also offer a network for our customers, providing easy access to a valuable set of contacts, linking them together.


Trauma, Cancer and Insects
Every issue of SPECTRUM will provide a visually appealing and highly readable overview of a particular theme of topical interest, with the aim of expanding and supplementing our existing body of literature in the fields of materia medica, clinical practice, and methodology. The three issues due in 2014 will propose the following points of focus: Trauma, Cancer and Insects. With this project, we stand before the community of seasoned homeopaths in the spirit of a newcomer eager to receive and disseminate knowledge.

Baby and Mother

First issue: Childhood and Psyche
The first issue was published in April 2010. It focuses on mental and emotional problems in children. Through many cases, specific approaches will be demonstrated as well as the relationship between different remedy families. These are, for example, butterfly remedies in ADHS or lanthanides in autism. The scope of homeopathic practice is being expanded through “small” remedies like Anantherum, Gallicum acidum, and newly-proven remedies like: Fenoterol, Ozone, and Placenta. Well- known homeopaths such as Louis Klein, Massimo Mangialavori, Rajan Sankaran, Anne Schadde, Jan Scholten, and many other known authors stand for the quality of this issue.


I recently had a chance to view your new journal - The Spectrum of Homeopathy. I wanted to tell you how wonderful I found it to be. In my view, homeopathy is a living medicine. This is what distinguishes it from so many other forms of medicine. What you have accomplished in this new journal is to bring homeopathy alive and in doing so, have captured the true spirit and soul of homeopathy. Bravo and thank you for this fine work!  Todd Rowe

Thank you for the free copy of the new magazine, Its amazing best homeopathic magazine I've ever had guys!
Kishan Takahashi

Everything you promised in your editorial was there: claiming to be non-partisan in particular was risky, as well as not falling prey to preaching to the converted or avoiding a preachy tone; but you followed through. You neither leaned towards any particular school of thought in homeopathy nor simply patted yourselves on the back for the fantastic achievements--both clinical and theoretical--that the contributors have reached on this most timely topic.

The issues of the “new child” are ones that all homeopaths are seeing in their practice, even if we aren’t always aware of them. This journal is packed with more food for thought than any book on the topic that we could possibly have on our shelves.

As a knowledge-hungry beginner practitioner, I can’t express enough my gratitude for your selection of outstanding pieces that do exactly what you claim: make for a truly wholistic approach that can only move us all forward in our work to deeply heal our patients.

Please continue to make promises as you certainly have fulfilled the ones that you have made beautifully. Thank you. Laura Coramai

Thank you, you have done a terrific service to the homeopathic community with the spectrum publication! L.L.G.


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