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The Narayana publishing company is located in Kandern, between Freiburg and Basel, nestling in the Markgräflerland at the picturesque foot of the Black Forest.

Narayana Verlag, Blumenplatz 2, D-79400 Kandern, Germany

Phone +49 76269749700
Fax +49 76269749709
Email info@narayana-publishers.com

You are welcome to browse the wide range of books we have on site. Please notify us of your visit in advance.

Verlagsgebäude Kandern

Nearest airport: Basel Mulhouse
Please note: EasyJet operates flights from Hamburg and Berlin to Basel from just 29 EUR.
A reasonably priced airport shuttle service from Basel to Kandern is available under the following link.

Travelling by car from the south from Basel
After the border, follow the A5 autobahn in the direction of Karlsruhe. Leave the A5 at the Weil am Rhein junction and continue on the A98 autobahn in the direction of Lörrach/Rheinfelden. Leave the autobahn at the “Kandern” exit and follow the signs for Kandern. In Kandern, turn right into Hauptstrasse; after another 300m, turn right into Blumenplatz.

Travelling by car from the north from Freiburg
Coming from Freiburg on the A5, leave the autobahn at the Efringen-Kirchen/Kandern exit (exit 67) and follow the signs for “Kandern”. In Kandern, turn left into Hauptstrasse; after another 300m, turn right into Blumenplatz.

Travelling by rail and bus
Exit the train at Basel Badischer Bahnhof (not Basel SBB).
When you leave the railway station, you will find the stop for the no. 55 bus on the left.

Bus link Basel Bad.-Kandern
Timetable Monday-Friday and Saturday
Departs every hour: mornings at 6.19 / 7.19 / 8.19 / 9.19 / 10.19 etc. until 19.19
Travel to the last stop, Kandern Busbahnhof (bus station)
Arrives at 7.03 / 8.03 / 9.03 / 10.03 / 11.03 etc. until 20.03
Journey takes 44 min.

Bus link Kandern Basel Bad.
Timetable Monday-Friday and Saturday
Leave Kandern Busbahnhof (bus station) on the no. 55 bus.
Departs every hour: (first bus on Saturdays leaves at 6.20 am)
mornings at 5.20 / 6.20 / 7.20 / 8.20 / 9.20 etc. until 18.20
Travel to Basel Badischer Bahnhof
Arrives at 6.08 / 7.08 / 8.08 / 9.08 / 10.08 etc. until 19.08
Journey takes 48 min.

Timetable on Sundays and public holidays, Kandern – Basel Bad.
Departs every 3 hours: mornings at 7.20 / 10.20 / 13.20 / 16.20 / 18.20
Arrives at 8.08 / 11.08 / 14.08 / 17.08 / 19.08

Also see pdf Bus departure times: Kandern - Basel Bad.