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Spektrum der Homöopathie


    • Once again, I have made the mistake of peeking at the upcoming 2016 Spectrum of Homeopathy lineup, setting in motion a trifecta of delivery anticipation. As a subscriber since inception, I never cease to be impressed and approach each subscription as appropriate for the day:

      - Spectrum light - bask in the gorgeous photography;

      - looking for a mini Homeo fix - flip to the back and peruse the book and seminar reviews or read about inspiring homeopathic undertakings throughout the world;

      - up for a lesson - follow along as world class Homeopaths strut their case taking, analysis prowess and teaching tips;

      - ready for new remedies - they’re here, sorted using plant families; aligned into remedy comparison charts or displayed in numerous cases.

      Spectrum’s unbiased approach includes all methodologies and inspires me for hour after hour. Thank you for every beautiful page and your thorough thematic presentation! It’s November - has anyone seen the mailman? Bev VanHatten

    • Thank you for the free copy of the new magazine, Its amazing best homeopathic magazine I've ever had guys! Kishan Takahashi

    • Everything you promised in your editorial was there: claiming to be non-partisan in particular was risky, as well as not falling prey to preaching to the converted or avoiding a preachy tone; but you followed through. You neither leaned towards any particular school of thought in homeopathy nor simply patted yourselves on the back for the fantastic achievements--both clinical and theoretical--that the contributors have reached on this most timely topic.

    • The issues of the “new child” are ones that all homeopaths are seeing in their practice, even if we aren’t always aware of them. This journal is packed with more food for thought than any book on the topic that we could possibly have on our shelves.

    • As a knowledge-hungry beginner practitioner, I can’t express enough my gratitude for your selection of outstanding pieces that do exactly what you claim: make for a truly wholistic approach that can only move us all forward in our work to deeply heal our patients.

    • Please continue to make promises as you certainly have fulfilled the ones that you have made beautifully. Thank you. Laura Coramai

  • Thank you, you have done a terrific service to the homeopathic community with the spectrum publication! L.L.G.