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Cantharis 30 C: potted rose recovers from severe sunburn

A small potted rose suffered severe sunburn during the hot days at the end of July. The leaves turned brown and then dry, and the entire plant became crooked. Since there was no sign of new leaves after 3-4 weeks, Ms J. wanted to throw the plant away. But instead she decided to give it a try with Cantharis 30 C, which she herself had successfully tried when she had severe sunburn.
So the rose was sprayed 4 times every 2 days with 3 pellets of Cantharis in 100 ml water, and the dried parts were cut off. After approximately 1 week, new growth was visible at the bottom of the plant.
The rose was then given 5 ml of soil conditioner in 1 litre of water, and it continued to recover.
Welden, Germany, October 2012

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