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Cimicifuga – black aphids and red spider mites on hibiscus pot plants

"Now I'd like to tell you about my 'successes', which leave me rather 'speechless' but in a nice way! I've got a series of large hibiscus pot plants. Every year when I bring them back into the house, they quickly come down with aphids. Then I give the plants 'poison capsules'. One dose keeps the plants free of aphids the whole winter. So that's what I've been doing with success (though not with a clear conscience!!!) for years now. This year everything was different: one plant was covered in black aphids (buds and flowers), and the aphids were not repelled even by repeat doses of the poison capsules. They were constantly reproducing but thankfully did not attack the neighbouring plants. When I got my homeopathic remedies, I put a few pellets of Cimicifuga 30 C in a sprayer, shook it, and sprayed my hibiscus. The next day I could scarcely believe my eyes – the aphids were gone. I sprayed a second hibiscus suffering infestation with red spider mites. Nothing happened! Then I sprayed it with Petroleum 30 C – all the spiders and their webs were gone!!!!! I can scarcely believe it!!! I just did not reckon it would work so quickly!! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures – as evidence!!! Now I really hope that Helix tosta does the job for slugs – which will certainly be out in force after the mild winter!"

Mechthild K., Austria 2013

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