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Staphisagria 200: Black Aphids on Elderberry
In Ms O's garden there is a very big elderberry bush, which was visibly afflicted in June this year by countless black aphids. So Ms O. began treating the bush by spraying it with Cimicifuga 30 C (6 pellets in 10 liters of water), according to the recommendation from Christiane Maute, repeated for three days. She observed that the number of aphids declined from day to day. On the fourth day, she continued treatment with three doses of Staphisagria 200 C, which is also indicated for aphids. After two weeks, the elderberry bush was completely free of aphids.
Ute O. , Achern, Germany, 2013

Staphisagria  200 C: Black aphids, Clematis,
planted in spring; Slight infestation with black aphids (protected by ants).Treated on June 25 with Staphisagria 200 C.

Today (July 7) completely free of infestation.
Barbara W.

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