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Experiences with

Box Tree Moth Extra (Cydalima perspectalis)

We have had several similar comments about successful treatment of the box tree moth. However, we have also had some reports in which there was either no effect or an insufficient effect.

Box tree moth infestation

The box trees of family B. from Bürgstadt in Germany were severely infested with box tree moths. First a chemical pesticide was used but without any apparent success. Two weeks later the family sprayed their bushes with Box Tree Moth Extra. After a single application there was a noticeable effect.
The next day the caterpillars became lethargic and fell off.
The box trees were also sprayed with Arnica 200 C, which strengthened the plants, and they then put out new green shoots from below.

Family B., Bürgstadt, written down by Karen Luetke


Box tree moth extra: Box tree moth successfully treated with homeopathy

Ms B. has a number of attractive boxwoods in her garden.
In the middle of May she discovered the first cocoons and signs of damage caused by the box tree moth. The infestation increased very rapidly.
She then thoroughly sprayed the bushes with box tree moth extra , repeating the treatment at weekly intervals.
The first treatment put a stop to further damage. A caterpillar was seen moving away from one of the bushes.
A week later she could not find any more caterpillars in the bushes.
To help the wounds heal and encourage fresh growth, Ms B. then administered Arnica 200 C.
The bushes have now completely recovered.
Sabine B., Wiesloch, Germany, 2013

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