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Experiences with Whitefly


Petroleum 30 C:
Attack of whitefly and spider mite on lemon and mandarin trees as well as almond and fig trees.
The small trees are brought into the house by Ms M. to overwinter in a cool and light place.
Here they are regularly infested in February or March by spider mite and whitefly.
This time they were watered and sprayed daily with Petroleum 30 C (12 pellets in 5 litres of water).
After three days there was a noticeable improvement and after a week the pests had disappeared.
The tubs were later put onto the balcony, where they were not infested again.
Kandern, Germany 2012

Aphids, whitefly and brown rot on tomatoes
Some cabbage plants showed signs of a massive infestation with whitefly. When watering, clouds of flies rose into the air. The plants were treated by watering with Petroleum 30 C (5 pellets in 5 litres of water) at an interval of 2-3 days.
The infestation declined, with only a few flies visible – no comparison to the situation before the application of the remedy.
What I could observe was that it takes some time to work. With aphids in particular, it takes about a week for them to disappear. But the effect remains and the plants seemed to be strengthened generally.
It is easy to see the dead lice. A few lice are still there but their numbers are dropping and the plant is growing back strongly.

Dominik Albert, Buchen, Germany 2014

Petroleum 30 C: grape erineum mite on grapevines & spider mites on mallow
A single 5-year-old vine with 4-5 shoots carrying fruit in the garden of Juliane W. had many "buckled" leaves – due to infestation with the grape erineum mite.
The pock-like raised areas are filled with a white to red fur on the underside of the leaves, where the sucking mites are found. At the end of May, the leaves were sprayed with a pressure sprayer filled with Petroleum 30 C, following Christiane Maute's instructions. The infestation then stopped. New leaves were healthy and the affected leaves showed no further signs of damage.

On the sea rosemallow, which Ms W. had cultivated herself and kept indoors in the winter, there was a large number of spider mites by the beginning of spring. On the undersides of many leaves, it was possible to see a coating of tiny mites as well as the typical web-like substance between the stalks and the leaves. The affected leaves dried off after a time and fell of. The subsequent use of natural or chemical substances only had a short-term effect.
At the end of April, the bush on the terrace was watered with a watering can filled with a solution of Petroleum 30 C. After 1-2 days, all the spider mites had disappeared. The treatment was repeated 14 days later and the mallow has since remained free of mites.

Julia W., Switzerland 2014

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Encarsia formosa (trichogramma wasp)

Encarsia 6D: Infestation of whitefly on various cabbage plants. A treatment of 3 sprayings on 3 successive days had no effect on the whitefly.

Encarsia 6D: Whitefly on various cabbage plants (savoy cabbage, cauliflower + brussels sprouts, approx. 10 plants each).
Preventive watering with Encar. 6 – at the time of planting was more or less ineffective. Plants were also given garden lime during planting.
Spraying of the leaf upper and lower sides with Encar approx. 2 days after noticing the infestation led in one week to only a slight reduction. However, the plants showed only a few yellow areas and leaf deformities (= improved resistance?). Then watering with a homemade solution of nettles -> infestation almost gone within 2 weeks. Weather warm and dry (mid-June 2010, Stuttgart, Germany)


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Sulphur 200 C: whitefly
My kohlrabi was affected by whitefly. There were so many that a white cloud puffed up whenever a leaf moved. I dissolved 8-10 pellets of Sulphur 200 C in a watering can with 10 l of water, stirred with a wooden stick always in the same direction, and then I watered my plants with this. After a week I noticed an effect, with approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the flies having disappeared. I repeated the watering treatment and now I have virtually no whitefly in the garden 

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