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Experiences with Weeds

Citricum acidum

Acidum citricum + Acidum oxalicum D6: Following the instructions in the book, I tried Acidum oxalicum and also Acidum citricum, each applied as a herbicide in 6 D (3 pellets, 10 l water, watered, applied 2x in 24 hours)
Unfortunately I could not see any reaction in the plants. I would be glad if somebody could offer suggestions.

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Juglans nigra

Juglans nigra 6 D (eastern black walnut)
In a vineyard the already tall weeds between the vines were treated with Juglans nigra. After 4 days a yellow color was visible. During the following period of rain, when it was not possible to repeat the treatment, the weeds recovered.
Further trials are planned for next year at an earlier point in time.

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