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Experiences with Algae

Chara intermedia (stonewort)

Chara intermedia 200 C: Homeopathic Treatment of Ponds Infested with Algae

"My husband has a 10,000 litre pond with koi carp and aquatic plants. For years he has been fighting the turbidity and algae using all kinds of products and devices. Now we've discovered Homeoplant and have been testing the remedies. It was amazing how just a single dose of 10 pellets of Chara intermedia C200 turned the water so clear that we could see the bottom of the pond. When it began to once more turn a bit cloudy after about four weeks, we applied a second dose of 10 pellets. We were initially very sceptical that the koi carp would be able to tolerate it since there was no information on this. But in fact the fish are doing just fine. Super remedy."
Meike A., Brake. 2015

Chara intermedia 200 C: cloudy water in aquarium fixed

In the waters where the alga Chara intermedia grows, it exerts a cleansing effect. It suppresses the development of plankton algae, which can multiply in the warm period of the year in still waters, resulting in the development of a green cloudiness. Now the question was whether this cleansing effect on the water could be achieved by a homeopathic preparation of Chara intermedia.
We recently received some feedback from Mr Reto K. from Wil in Switzerland on this subject:
four of his aquariums, each 40 litres in volume, had developed severe cloudiness over the previous four to five months.
Two aquariums were treated with 2 pellets of Chara intermedia 200 C, one aquarium with 2 pellets of Chara intermedia 30 C and one aquarium was left untreated.
In the following days, a gradual clearing was observed in the two aquariums treated with Chara intermedia 200 C. In the other two aquariums, the cloudiness remained the same. After one week, the treatment with 2 pellets (as described above) was repeated. The result was that both aquariums treated with Chara intermedia 200 C became even clearer, remaining after 1-2 weeks with a residual cloudiness of around 30 %.
In the other two aquariums – one treated with Chara intermedia 30 C and one untreated – there was no improvement.
The treatment was then discontinued and the cloudiness started to return after 3-4 weeks. Mr K. would like to continue treatment and we will see whether he can his aquariums once more improve when treated again with Chara intermedia 200 C.

Reto K.,Wil, Switzerland 2013

Chara intermedia 200 C: homeopathic treatment of algae-filled pond
Garden pond about 4 m in diameter and 50 cm deep. The pond water is pumped up in the middle and splashes back down at the edges over some stones. In recent years the pond always turned green and cloudy in the summer months so that it was almost impossible to see the fish.
From the end of July this year, Ms Kröner administered 10 pellets of Chara intermedia 200 C dissolved in water and well stirred with a wooden stick. She did this three times at weekly intervals. Straight after the first treatment the water began to clear and was fully clear after three weeks.
H. Kröner, Remchingen, Germany  2013

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