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Understanding Rubrics (Part 1), Niva Ghosh

268 pages, pb
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Understanding Rubrics (Part 1)

Niva Ghosh

Study of forty-five mind rubrics

The publisher:

'Mind is the key to man', on listening it appears to be so simple but to read one's mind is very difficult. In homoeopathic mode of treatment, 'Symptoms of Mind' are considered as most important, be it any method. Patient expresses him/herself either in words or through his/her actions/expressions. This is impossible to hide. Now-a-days a new term 'BODY LANGUAGE' has been coined for it.

The book enlists explanation of 45 Rubrics from Mind section of Synthetic Repertory along with differentiation of mental pictures of medicines. Some of the rubrics have been published earlier in 'VITAL INFORMER'. The series was one of the most popular series. There was a great demand from its readers for its compilation in a book form. Now their demand gets fulfilled. The beauty of the book lies in its simple language and way of expressing different situations.

The author has tried to explain each Rubric by giving contiguous meaning of it. At the same time, she has tried to differentiate medicines listed in one rubric. This helps in understanding the different shades of the Rubric and also helps in selection of similimum for the patient.

To explain mind, is a herculian task. But a useful attempt has been made by the young and enthusiastic doctor. I hope this work by Dr. Niva Ghosh will inspire many others to work in this direction and Chapter on Mind of the repertories will become the easiest and most reliable chapter of the repertory.

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