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Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment of Kerala, Bhat, K.P./ Vasudha

72 pages, pb
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Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment of Kerala

Bhat, K.P./ Vasudha

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Table of Contents:
1. Being an Ayurvedic Doctor
2. Abhyangam Acharet Nityam
3. Does Fatigue Bother You? Pizhichil is the Answer
4. Pain in the Joints? Try Navarakizhi
5. Are you Depressed? Dhara is the Solution
6. Applying Rice Paste to the Body is Also a Treatment. Have you Tried?
7. Splitting Headache?
8. Shirobasti (Shirovasti)
9. Pichu-small Treatment
10. Talam
11. Reference Books

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Bhat, K.P./ Vasudha
Bhat, K.P./ Vasudha
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