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The Other Song, Rajan Sankaran

380 pages, hb
publication 2008
product no. 04035
weight: 680g
ISBN: 978-3-939931-87-4

This edition is out of print. The new edition of this title is Homeopathy for Today's World

The Other Song

Rajan Sankaran

Discovering your parallel self

See new edition of this title: Homeopathy for Today's World

Sankaran describes what he has learned in decades of dealing with his patients about the other song in each of us. This gives the reader the chance to consciously perceive their own other song and to free themselves of it.

See new edition Homeopathy for Today's World

The publisher:

Written for the layman as well as Homoeopath , this unique work aims to bring the concepts of the Sensation method within the reach of the general public.
Here is a note about the book:


What is the source of stress? What is it that makes each one of us unique?

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, an internationally renowned homeopath, has formulated profoundly new insights into these issues, insights that arrive at the heart of what makes us who we are and what makes us ill. These insights have revolutionized homeopathic practice and are also universally applicable and highly valuable to anyone who is seeking answers to these questions.

The fundamental idea is that there are levels of experience and at the deepest level of experience is a person's unique vital sensation. That is the level common to body and mind. At that level there is an energy that corresponds to something nonhuman, something which is like a plant, mineral, or animal. When we reach that level in a case taking process, many words of that plant or animal or mineral are spoken. It seems like nonsense. It is as if there are two songs playing in the same person: the human part, which is supposed to be there; and the nonhuman, which isn't. The nonhuman will express itself with the language of its kingdom: plant sensitivity, mineral structure, or animal survival. It will express itself precisely as the song of a substance.

Through his sensitive and skilful case taking, Dr.Rajan Sankaran shows how to encourage someone to take you to his sensation level. There is something special about this process. The aim of the case taking is to find the nonhuman part of the person - to go beyond the story, the emotions, the situation - and discern the essence of something in nature which is hidden or concealed within the human expressions.

He chases the main complaint, since the physical expression of disease is the very crystallization of the general vital disturbance. From that starting point, the patient moves from the local sensation of the complaint to the corresponding general vital sensation, which when verified at all levels, completes the case. By paying attention to such unconscious expressions as hand gestures or body movements, you can perceive even more about the sensation and energy which will be seen to be common to all expressions of that person.

Awareness of the deepest experience - the sensation - is in itself a healing process, one that can be helped significantly by giving a homeopathic remedy from the source in nature whose song is playing within the individual.

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