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Prakash Vakil

Prakash Vakil (1941 - 1997)
Dr Vakil was born in Mumbai. He completed his school and college education in Mumbai and graduated from The Homoeopathic College, Mumbai, after which he started his practice in 1965. His dedication to classical homoeopathy and his devotion to healing were phenomenal. He had an amazingly open mind towards many branches of alternative medicine and healing. His knowledge and use of Kirlian photography for diagnoses and treatment and his comparative study of other medical sciences is evident from the data in his books. Alongside a very busy clinical practice he continued his deep study and research of the intricacies of homeopathy.
Dr Vakil was so attached and dedicated to his profession that he chose to remain a bachelor and focus all his energy and resources for the cause of homeopathy which was closer to his heart than anything else.

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Tongue That Does Not Lie

How to Use Tongue Symptoms in Homeopathy
128 pages, spiral binding, product no. 10354
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Prüfungen und klinische Symptome neuer, alter und vergessener Mittel

122 pages, pb, product no. 01001
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Band 3: Krankheiten von Hals, Nase, Ohren und Respirationstrakt

Lehrbuch der homöopathischen Therapie für Studenten und Praktiker
500 pages, pb, product no. 02531
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