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Homeopathy: Start Here, Ann Jerome

153 pages, pb
publication 2020
product no. 25882
weight: 260g
ISBN: 978-0-9773-0572-8

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Homeopathy: Start Here

Ann Jerome

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The publisher:

Written by one of the most respected educators in the field, this straightforward book provides the tools for making informed choices about homeopathy. It explains what homeopathy is and isn’t, what it can do, and how it relates to today’s science of health. Anyone who wants to use, study, evaluate, or research homeopathy will find this thorough and lucid guide an essential resource.

"Ann Jerome has written an articulate, accessible, and detailed introductory book about homeopathy for both the complete beginner and the more informed enquirer. She has included impressive case examples as well as results of confirmatory scientific studies. Read this book and you will be well grounded in the whole spectrum of homeopathic basics."
- Nicholas Nossaman MD, DHt

“What is homeopathy? Why is it practiced worldwide?
Professor Ann Jerome clearly and accurately answers these questions in this concise work on the misunderstood healing art and science of homeopathy. This is by far the best book explaining homeopathy in straightforward language, with many case examples too. Highly recommended!”
– Durr Elmore, DC, ND, DHANP, CCH, LAc

“From my long career as a health care professional, I know what conventional medicine can do, and also what it can't. I've seen homeopathy fill the gaps safely and effectively. This book explains all the basics in a gentle and rational tone. I highly recommend it to all those who want to know more about homeopathy.”
?– Polly Millet, RN, MSN, CCH

available immediately, ready to ship within one working day
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