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A Handbook of Surgery, Mansi Sharma

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A Handbook of Surgery

Mansi Sharma

Question Answer Format

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The publisher:

The book is equipped with an idea to catch hold with the vast expanding field of Surgery in simple and easy to understand manner for effective grasp of the subject. The work that recommends thousands of questions and answers integrating the perception of exhaustive principles of surgery in the most simplest and effortless way. It is strictly prepared according to the Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) syllabus. The questions are arranged to provide the best possible satisfaction to professors and students. Those who are learning surgery for medical examination and other paramedical courses will find it valuable and helpful. Highlighted important points for quick revision to prepare for both written exams as well as viva voce.
The attempt that ensures that no essential concept gets missed out and resolves the difficulties of students that are faced and would be able to match up between time and word limit. This book solves the problems whilst answering questions like what to write? What not to write? How much to write? What to write first? How to end answer? When to use flowcharts? The invaluable book that accomplishes all the difficulties while attempting answers. In short, a quick and precise aid for side by side preparation and revision for examination. This book shall benefit many students and practitioners.

only a few in stock, ready to ship within one working day

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