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Henry C. Allen

Henry C. Allen

Dr. Henry C. Allen was born on February 2, 1836 in Ontario, Canada.
Shortly after completing his medical studies, he joined the northern states army, where he served as a surgeon under General Grant.

After the war, he was offered and accepted the chair of anatomy at his alma mater in Cleveland, where he began to practice. He later resigned to take up an equivalent position at the Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago. In 1880 he became professor of materia medica at the University of Michigan.

In 1892, he founded the Hering Medical College and Hospital, where he was deacon and professor of materia medica until his death on January 22, 1909.


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Materia Medica of Nosodes/Henry C. Allen
Materia Medica of Nosodes  from Henry C. Allen
with Provings of the X-Ray
Printed in India - Indian quality

592 pages, pb, product no. 00025
12.50 US$
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Keynotes Rearranged and Classified/Henry C. Allen
Keynotes Rearranged and Classified  from Henry C. Allen
with Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica added with other Leading Nosodes and Bowel Nosodes
Printed in India – Indian quality

448 pages, pb, product no. 01606
Excerpt: mit Leseprobe 1mit Leseprobe 2
10.00 US$
Keynotes Rearranged and Classified: Add to Basket
The Materia Medica of some more Important Remedies/Henry C. Allen
The Materia Medica of some more Important Remedies  from Henry C. Allen
Printed in India - Indian quality

96 pages, pb, product no. 00153
4.00 US$
The Materia Medica of some more Important Remedies: Add to Basket
TheTherapeutics of Intermittent Fever/Henry C. Allen
TheTherapeutics of Intermittent Fever  from Henry C. Allen
Printed in India - Indian quality

342 pages, pb, product no. 00145
8.80 US$
TheTherapeutics of Intermittent Fever: Add to Basket
Leitsymptome homöopathischer Arzneimittel/Henry C. Allen
Leitsymptome homöopathischer Arzneimittel  from Henry C. Allen
Herausgegeben, bearbeitet und ergänzt von Manfred Freiherr von Ungern-Sternberg
4. Auflage 2005           Softcover

716 pages, pb, product no. 12592
Excerpt: InhaltsverzeichnisAcidum sulfuricum
37.80 US$
Leitsymptome homöopathischer Arzneimittel: Add to Basket
Keynotes Reorganizados y Clasificados/Henry C. Allen
Keynotes Reorganizados y Clasificados  from Henry C. Allen
Impreso en la India

458 pages, pb, product no. 12719
Excerpt: ContenidosLycopodium Clavatum
15.80 US$
Keynotes Reorganizados y Clasificados: Add to Basket
The Therapeutics of Fevers/Henry C. Allen
The Therapeutics of Fevers  from Henry C. Allen
Continued, Bilious, Intermittent, Malarial, Remittent, Pernicious, Typhoid, Typhus, Septic, Yellow, Zymotic, etc.
Printed in India - Indian quality
Out of print

572 pages, pb, product no. 00208
Leitsymptome und Nosoden/Henry C. Allen
Leitsymptome und Nosoden  from Henry C. Allen
3. Auflage 2014. Preisreduktion von € 35.- auf € 25.-

520 pages, hb, product no. 02541
Excerpt: InhaltsverzeichnisOpium Parotidinum
31.50 US$
Leitsymptome und Nosoden: Add to Basket
Nosoden/Henry C. Allen
Nosoden  from Henry C. Allen

574 pages, hb, product no. 00542
Excerpt: InhaltsverzeichnisThyreoidinum
122.90 US$
Nosoden: Add to Basket
Symptômes clefs des principaux remèdes et nosodes de la matière médicale/Henry C. Allen
Symptômes clefs des principaux remèdes et nosodes de la matière médicale  from Henry C. Allen

350 pages, pb, product no. 10142
Excerpt: PrefaceLycopodium clavatumBelladonna
Keynotes/Henry C. Allen
Keynotes  from Henry C. Allen
Reorenados y Clasificados con Medicamentos Sobresalientes de la Materia Médica y Nosodes Intestinales
Impreso en la India

656 pages, hb, product no. 17064
15.00 US$
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