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Diagnosis borreliosis - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2015

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Diagnosis borreliosis - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2015

An estimated 50,000 – 100,000 people fall ill with the infection known as Lyme disease every year in Germany, making it one of the most common bacterial infections. Although standard antibiotic treatment is successful in approximately 80 % of cases, there are still 10,000 – 20,000 treatment-resistant cases each year. Especially in such cases and particularly when the disease is advanced, homeopathy constitutes an important additional treatment option. Although the remedy should be selected according to the individual and characteristic symptoms of the patient, there are nevertheless certain typical remedies and remedy families that are frequently indicated. Numerous case studies in this issue demonstrate how to homeopathically treat the different stages of borreliosis.

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Jürgen Hansel: Hard and soft facts
Overview of borreliosis – the many facets of a diagnosis

Marco Riefer: Exploited, Defenseless, Sucked Dry
Parasitic aspects in the lives of patients suffering from borreliosis

Christina Ari: Unstable order
Ledum and the borreliosis nosode as acute remedies

Heidi Brand: I'm stuck with everything
Chara intermedia and pollution with borreliosis

Ulrich Welte: Self-sacrifice and exploitation
Ericales are first-choice homeopathic remedies for Lyme borreliosis

Deborah Collins: Going crazy
Of the usefulness of remedies from the Ericaceae family in the treatment of Lyme disease

Alex Leupen, Annemiek Klitsie: Loss of self and sleepiness
Cooperation between the Borrelia nosode and remedies from the Ericaceae family

Hans Eberle, Friedrich Ritzer : Clinical focus
Adalia bipunctata and Thuja for chronic borreliosis

Danièle Joulin, Guy Payen: Love, revolution and resignation
Dysprosium sulphuricum and Germanium for borreliosis with depression

Rajan Sankaran, Rishi Vyas: Tense or relaxed
The characteristic sensation of Rhus toxicodendron

Anne Schadde: Staggering with exhaustion
Lolium temulentum, grasses, and chronic overload syndrome

Jürgen Faust: A piece of chewing gum sucked out
Strophanthus sarmentosus and the vital sensation of the Apocynaceae

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Diagnosis borreliosis - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2015

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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1 week ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy
Always inspiring and relevant. I find that I often go back to my library of Spectrum journals to re-read for reference when I have unusual cases as they provide me with alternative answers.
Trifa Mariana

1 week ago
refreshing knowledge
For me was helpful to remind remedies Kola nidata and badiaga.
Thank You all!
Mark Immel, Nd

2 weeks ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy 2017-1, Addiction
I always look forward to new issues of Spectrum of Homeopathy, and this is no exception ! I am enjoying the variety of insights and practical experience of the authors in this important issue.
Thank you, Narayana !
Leigh Marsh

3 weeks ago
Spectrum. Addiction
A timely publication on a growing need of being able to treat drug addicts and those suffering from other addictions.
Zofia Lech

3 weeks ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy
Spectrum has a beautiful edition and is very useful in my daily practice
Natalia Sitkina

3 months ago
Fascinating fungi review
Really amazing articles about Fungi Kingdom.

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