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Allergies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2013

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Allergies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2013

• Pollens • Animals • Foods

This issue of SPECTRUM looks at a very widespread problem in modern societies. In the industrial nations approximately 25% of the population now suffers from allergies, and the figure is still rising. Apparently harmless substances such as pollens, foodstuffs, or animal hair trigger an overreaction of the immune system in sensitive people, resulting in acute or chronic illness. The complaints range from mild local symptoms affecting the nose, eyes, or skin through life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Ever more children and adults are now developing cross-allergies that are particularly difficult to treat.

Here we present homeopathic alternatives to the constant use of antiallergic medication or the long-drawn-out process of desensitization. We focus particularly on the chronic manifestations of atopy: asthma and eczema. Homeopathy can play a prominent role in treating these illnesses, especially in childhood.

Reading excerpt
Reading excerpt

Gründling, Schimetta, Frass: Real-Life Effects of Classical Homeopathy in the Treatment of Allergies
A multicenter, prospective observational study.

Andreas Richter: Intolerance
The grasses wheat and Timothy-grass or cat’s tail for allergic and pseudo-allergic reactions.

Alize Timmerman: Overreaction at all Levels
Iodine remedies for thyroid disease with allergies.

Marguerite Pelt: Sensitive to Anything Foreign
Lanthanides and allergic reactions.

Heiner Frei: Hay Fever and Polarity Analysis
• Features • Cases • Results

Barbara Warneke: Dangerous Inheritances
Miasmatic treatment as the key to healing.

Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner: Nervous Skin
Tuberculinum is an important nosode for the allergic diathesis.

Markus Kuntosch: Anaphylaxis and Eczema
Carbolicum acidum rescues a patient in an acute emergency, and Niccolum helps to cure contact dermatitis.

Renate Paschmanns: Shock Reactions
Acute prescription with Carbolicum acidum for an insect bite also solves chronic allergy.

Marco Riefer: Bitter Childhood
Fundamental conflict and allergic reaction with the example of Chocolate.

Maarten van der Meer: Stress as Trigger
The individual reaction patterns of Europium carbonicum, Quercus robur, and Amygdala amara.

Ose Hein: Anger and Sensitivity
Lac leoninum calms dominance and allergy.

Anne Schadde: High-Tension Living
Prunus cerasus – a case of histamine intolerance and an instructive zigzag path to two similar members of the rose family.


Allergies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2013

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