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Palliative - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2016

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Palliative - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2016

The striving for a dignified death has become a major social issue in recent times. With palliative medicine and hospices we can see a new openness to the idea of a holistic approach, which values methods like homeopathy as helpful and worthwhile supplements in the care of the dying.

In this new issue of SPECTRUM "Palliative Homeopathy" our authors show from their differing starting points how a modest number of homeopathic remedies can be used to accompany the process of dying in a caring and healing way. Homeopathy can support the treatment of typical complaints such as nausea, breathlessness, and pain. Yet, its unique advantages can be seen in situations where allopathic treatment has been of little or no benefit.

Restlessness, despair, and tormenting fear often respond far better to homeopathic remedies than to psychotropic drugs. Anyone who has seen how Carbo vegetabilis, Phosphorus or Arsenicum can ease the dwindling of the life force, or even momentarily reawaken it, will be reluctant to do without homeopathy in end-of-life care. A series of well-known remedies, which have proved their worth at the end of life and which can improve the quality of life in the dying, are presented in this issue from a variety of different perspectives.

Going beyond the level of professional homeopathy, the authors Declan Hammond, Jürgen Hansel, Resie Moonen, Sabine Stelter, Gisela Holle, Mark Braun, Joachim Stürmer, Ulrich Welte, Jens Wurster, Jürgen Hansel, Phillip Lehrke, Jürgen Weiland, Markus Kuntosch, and Erfried Pichler share with the reader in this issue their often very personal encounters with the dying. It is deeply moving to hear of the poignant way in which the treasure trove of homeopathic remedies can confer peace, dignity, strength and a tranquil letting go, as described in the numerous touching and sad cases in this issue. Similar to many colleagues who experience providing care to the dying as a great gift, we can sense something beyond rational explanation here – it is rather a heartfelt spiritual joy and loving gratitude for being able to participate in the profound experiences of the people we encounter in this issue of SPECTRUM.

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Declan Hammond: Death - The final frontier
Living and dying well

Jürgen Hansel: The strength to live
Arnica is the simile, Carbo vegetabilis and Phosphorus are the final remedies

Resie Moonen: Healing in dying
The final remedies cactus, cadium and symphytum

Gisela Holle: Similarities in dying
Withdrawal of the elements, homeopathic care, and the lessons of the signature

Sabine Stelter: Acceptance of mortality
Complementary homeopathy in the hospice

Mark Braun: Opening doors
Symptom control opens the door to homeopathy

Joachim Stürmer: Restless fear of death
Arsenicum and other poisons in the primary care of the terminally ill

Ulrich Welte: Loss and Clinging – Stage 15
Joint action of Antimonium and Arsenicum in dissolving fear and mucus

Deborah Collins: palliative care with a pinch of salt
Aurum arsenicosum in ‘terminal’ illness

Jens Wurster: Final ray of hope
Arsenicum and Phosphorus in a desperate situation

Philipp Lehrke: The immortality beloved cannot die
Long-term homeopathic treatment of the severe pathology: hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS)

Jürgen Weiland: In low gear after a heart operation
Carbo vegetabilis and the lack of oxygen

Erfried Pichler: Give me a gun
Supportive homeopathy for a dire prognosis

Markus Kuntosch: Light in the darkness
Helleborus and Opium for depression and stupor


Palliative - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2016

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