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Cancer - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2014

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Cancer - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2014

Declan Hammond writes in the current issue of SPECTRUM: “Regardless of the prognosis given, or how unlikely this outcome might be medically, as soon as the word 'cancer' is mentioned, the patient’s mind turns to their own mortality.” It is not just the patient who is confronted with the fact of their mortality, but also doctors, family and friends. Cancer treatment is therefore not just a medical but also a human and personal challenge.

SPECTRUM Cancer showcases an impressive range of treatment options, giving us fresh heart to take on this formidable challenge. Jean-Lionel Bagot uses homeopathy to treat the various side effects of conventional cancer treatment, so forging links to conventional medical treatment. Anne Schadde focuses on the process of inner transformation. Sujit Chatterjee and Sunirmal Sarkar concentrate on the current symptoms presented by the patient. When treating cancer, Alok and Aditya Pareek rigorously follow Hahnemann's precepts for the treatment of chronic illness. For Dietmar Payrhuber and Christiane Kernstock, the key indicators leading to the homeopathic remedy are the psychodynamics, personality and central themes in the life of the cancer patient.

A series of case histories from very different types of cancer documents the efficacy of homeopathy even in apparently hopeless situations. Yet Jens Wurster, drawing on 15 years of experience with the homeopathic in-patient treatment of cancer at the Swiss Clinic Santa Croce, states clearly that this is not the rule. He realistically describes his personal development to an individual, stage-appropriate approach, devoid of theoretical baggage. Wurster often uses acute or organotropic remedies as the starting point, before proceeding to the constitutional level.

Many of the authors in this issue write in a similarly pragmatic style, encouraging above all those colleagues who have not yet felt confident enough to treat cancer patients in their own practices. There is a scarcely another diagnosis for which there are so many different possible methods of homeopathic treatment. Precisely because there is no standard homeopathic treatment – although there are approved indications for certain types of cancer – this issue of SPECTRUM offers a raft of suggestions so that each homeopath can discover his or her own individual approach to this issue.

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Manfred Mueller: Is Homeopathy An Effective Cancer Treatment?
A thorough, fascinating, and promising overview of homeopathic cancer research worldwide

Declan Hammond: Healing And Transformation
Homeopathic care through the seven stages of healing

Guy Payen: Cancer, The Last Clue To The Simillimum
Hydrastis, a familiar remedy under a new light

A. U. Ramakrishnan: The Plussing Method
Maximizing the effect of the remedy with frequent dosing and changes in the potency

Jens Wurster: What Needs A Healing?
The long and arduous path to the successful treatment of cancer

Sunirmal Sarkar: Empirical Fragments
Nuggets of wisdom for cancer treatment from the practice of an Indian homeopath

Dietmar Payrhuber: Elements Of Cancer Treatment
The psychosomatic context of cancer and the outstanding significance of mental and constitutional symptoms

Dinesh Chauhan: Under The Spell Of Pathology
Peculiarities in the case witnessing of malignant disease

Anne Schadde: A New Lease On Life
On the completeness of life: two case histories of Natrium carbonicum and Chrome tourmaline

Jeremy Sherr: Protection From The Light Of God
The truth about Ozone and its use in Kaposi’s sarcoma

Jean-Lionel Bagot: Palliative Homeopathy
Proven remedies can palliate the effects of conventional cancer treatment

Jean-Thierry Cambonie: The Power Of Snakes
A case of bladder carcinoma and complementary constitutional homeopathic treatment with Naja

Sujit Chatterjee: Searching For Answers
Homeopathic treatment of cancer patients requires great flexibility


Cancer - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2014

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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3 yearss ago
great tool
Brilliant cases and a well done overall analysis read more ...
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6 months ago
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders. I am excited to learn about Liz Lalor protocol. read more ...
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Caroline Hayward

5 months ago
e-book Spectrum
having subscribed to Spectrum consistently since its launch its become a very important and informative journal for viewing a window into contemporary and classical methodologies of many experienced Homeopaths from all areas of practice. Its wonderful to be able to access the e-book version especially at this time of a global crisis but I'd much prefer the hard copy to be able to turn pages manually as is so much easier to review the articles and hidden gems of information. It also provides details on the latest books and reviews. read more ...
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Anjana R. Suresh

1 years ago
lanthanides uncovered
This issue provides a good insight on the central ideas of lanthanide remedies and quite a few short cases to understand how they may present themselves to the homeopath. read more ...
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Pauline Wilson

1 years ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy 2012-2,
An interesting read so far, especially love the pinus case, lots here to come at from all the kingdoms with new ways of perceiving even more common remedies, pleased to have it in the library. read more ...
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