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Powerdrugs - Spectrum Of Homeopathy 02/2010

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Powerdrugs - Spectrum Of Homeopathy 02/2010

Cacao, Cola, Coca & Co.

Power Drugs are now a major part of our daily life, yet consumption of these drugs is culturally speaking an ancient issue of human existence. Ephedrine, for example, is currently a widely used doping agent, yet it has also been used in different cultures for over 5000 years. Instead of the limited ritual or medicinal use found in older cultures, stimulants are used on a daily basis in our modern competitive societies especially to increase performance. They make us faster, better, and more effective!

For the 2010-2 (August) issue of Spectrum, we are glad to present a raft of well-known authors on the topic of “Powerdrugs”: Andreas Richter, Anne Schadde, Jürgen Becker, Willy Neuhold, Norbert Enders, Peter Tuminello, Maarten van der Woud, Sunil Anand, Dorothea Weihe, Massimo Mangialavori, and others. You can find articles on Coffea cruda and tosta, Guarana, Thea, Cacao and Chocolate, Mate, Ephedra, Coca, Damiana, and the Piperaceae as well as – although not a typical stimulant – Tabacum.

Reading excerpt
Reading excerpt

Jörg Wichmann: Stimulation old and new
Remedy pictures of the power drugs in a cultural context: a catalog of the remedy provings of stimulants from Hahnemann to today.

Andreas Richter: Forbidden to be a child
Growing up quickly: the themes of the stimulants from the viewpoint of child development, with examples from Coffea cruda, Coffea tosta and Guarana (Paullinia sorbilis).

Massimo Mangialavori: Immature desire
Damiana helps cure the physical and genital complaints of a lively female patient who is addicted to work, sex, and stimulation.

Maarten van der Meer: An introduction to the Malvales order
Some of the remedies from the Malvales order, such as Kola nitida and Cacao (Chocolate) have recently found wide-spread use in homeopathic practice.

Terje Wulfsberg: Never good enough
Enduring dissatisfaction and an exaggerated self-image are essential themes of Kola nitida.

Peter Tumminello: Cold-blooded passion
From the polite ritual of the cultivated tea-drinker to the dark urge to violence: an impressive case history of Thea chinensis.

Gustavo Dominici: The modern myth of Mate
As an everyday drug, mate has ancient roots and is widely used for a variety of purposes, particularly in South America.

Andreas Richter, Dorothea Weihe: Longing for connection
Ambitious quest for meaning and emotional vulnerability: a comparison of the pattern of excitation found in Theobroma cacao and Chocolate.

Dorothea Weihe: Oversensitivity
Cocoa in relation to skin symptoms and lymph swellings in a case history.

Andreas Richter: Between closeness and distance
The energy pattern of Chocolate can also be seen in the physical symptoms.

Jürgen Hansel: Flying high and crashing
Smiling until you drop: Ephedra as doping and flu remedy.

Norbert Enders: Longing, searching, addiction
The spirit of coca: godly plant of the Incas, devilish drug of the West.

Sunil Anand: Coca in children
Observable distraction and mechanical behavior in a one-year-old baby girl is reflected in her father’s energy pattern.

Willibald Neuhold: The spice of life
With the Piperaceae, the sensation of boredom and suffering contrast with the desire for enjoyment and distraction.

Anne Schadde: In the kingdom of the snow queen
Via the detour of Anhalonium - the sensation of constriction and dissolution of boundaries - the sensation of icy coldness leads to Camphora.

Jürgen Becker: The blue light
Collective abuse of nicotine and the healing power of tobacco: experiences of different levels of trituration.


Powerdrugs - Spectrum Of Homeopathy 02/2010

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4 years ago
great tool
Brilliant cases and a well done overall analysis read more ...
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caroline hayward

2 years ago
e-book Spectrum
having subscribed to Spectrum consistently since its launch its become a very important and informative journal for viewing a window into contemporary and classical methodologies of many experienced Homeopaths from all areas of practice. Its wonderful to be able to access the e-book version especially at this time of a global crisis but I'd much prefer the hard copy to be able to turn pages manually as is so much easier to review the articles and hidden gems of information. It also provides details on the latest books and reviews. read more ...
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2 years ago
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders
Good insight into homeopathic treatment of hormonal disorders. I am excited to learn about Liz Lalor protocol. read more ...
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Anjana R. Suresh

3 years ago
lanthanides uncovered
This issue provides a good insight on the central ideas of lanthanide remedies and quite a few short cases to understand how they may present themselves to the homeopath. read more ...
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Pauline Wilson

3 years ago
Spectrum of Homeopathy 2012-2,
An interesting read so far, especially love the pinus case, lots here to come at from all the kingdoms with new ways of perceiving even more common remedies, pleased to have it in the library. read more ...
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